Japanese Language Book Shin Nihongo no Kiso 1 Chapter 11 Section B Part 5 in Page 90

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This is an article demonstrating how to answer specific question in sheet in the Shin Nihongo no Kiso I book. So, the possible alternative answer to that question sheet will be on display as follow. Precisely, it is the question sheet available in Chapter 11 Section B Part 5 in page 90.  So, the following are the certain pattern and also the example for answering the question. The question sheet in this part is abou showing how to use jyosuushi or counter suffix. It is to describe the occurrence of an activity done by someone. The following is that grammar pattern :

Pattern :

Kanji : 数・数字 + 助数詞 動詞
Hiragana : めいし・すうじ + じょすうし どうし
Romaji : wo kazu ・suuji + jyosuushi doushi
Meaning : wo particle number + counter suffix verb


Example :

Kanji : 昨日ごはんを一回だけ食べました。
Hiragana : きのうごはんをいっかいだけたべました。
Romaji : Kinou gohan wo ikkai dake tabemashita.
Meaning : Yesterday, I only ate once.

The pattern above is describing the occurrence of an activity using a counter suffix of ‘kai’. The speaker explains that he or she only ate once yesterday. So, the following is the answer sheet of the problems or questions exist in  Chapter 11 Section B Part 5 in page 90 :

1. Kanji :

きのう テープを 四回 聞きました。

Hiragana :

きのう テープを よんかい ききました。

Romaji :

Kinou te-pu wo yonkai kikimashita.

Meaning :

Yesterday, (I) listened to the tape four times.

2. Kanji :

この 本を 三回 読みました。

Hiragana :

この ほんを さんかい よみました。

Romaji :

Kono hon wo sankai yomimashita.

Meaning :

(I) have read this book three times.

3. Kanji :

先週 東京へ 二回 行きました。

Hiragana :

せんしゅう とうきょうへ にかい いきました。

Romaji :

Senshuu Toukyou e nikai ikimashita.

Meaning :

Last week I went to Tokyo twice.

4. Kanji :

国に 電話を 一回 かけました。

Hiragana :

くにに でんわを いっかい かけました。

Romaji :

Kuni ni denwa wo ikkai kakemashita.

Meaning :

(I) have called to (my) country once.


Basically, those are the possible answers for the questions sheets where it is available in Shin Nihongo no Kiso I Chapter 11 Section B Part 5 in page 90.

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