Japanese Language Book Minna no Nihongo Answer Sheet Chapter 21 Section B Part 7 in Page 176

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Another article about using the grammar pattern of でしょう. In this article, there is a demonstration about how how to give an answer to an interrogative sentence or a question using the grammar pattern でしょう. There is a sample already for this grammar pattern which is available in Minna no Nihongo 1 Book Chapter 21. Try to be able to search it but this article will also providing another example for it. Those example will be pretty useful for answering the problem exist in Minna No Nihongo 1 Book, Chapter 21 Section B Part 7 in page 176. Below is the example as a reference for answering the question :

Kanji :



Hiragana :



Romaji :

Shukudai wa aru deshou ?.

… ee, sou desu ne.

Meaning :

That was a boring movie isnt’ it ?

… yes, it is.

So, the main purpose in this article is to be able to answer the questions with the word exist inside the bracket following the example already available. Below there are answers as references and also it can act as an alternatives for answering the question exist in Minna No Nihongo 1 Book, Chapter 21 Section B Part 7 in page 176 :

  1. Answer :Kanji  :

    東京の ラッシュは すごいでしょう?


    Hiragana :

    とうきょうの ラッシュは すごいですか?


    Romaji :

    Toukyou no rasshu wa sugoi desuka ?.

    Ee, sugoi desu.

    Meaning :

    The rush in Tokyo is amazing, isn’t it ?

    Yes, it’s amazing.

  2. Answer :Kanji  :

    仕事は 大変でしょう?

    いいえ、そんなに 大変です。

    Hiragana :

    しごとは たいへんでしょう?

    いいえ、そんなに たいへんです。

    Romaji :

    Shigoto wa taihen deshou ?

    Iie, sonnani taihendesu.

    Meaning :

    The work is hard isn’t it ?

    No, it’s not really hard.

  3. Answer :Kanji  :

    北海道は 寒かったでしょう?

    いいえ、そんなに 寒くなかったです。

    Hiragana :

    ほっかいどうは さむかったでしょう?

    いいえ、そんなに さむくなかったです。

    Romaji :

    Hokkaidou wa samukatta deshou ?

    Iie, sonnani samukunakattadesu.

    Meaning :

    Hokkaido was cold isn’t it ?

    No, it wasn’t so cold.

  4. Answer :Kanji  :



    Hiragana :



    Romaji :

    Tsukareta deshou ?

    Ee, tsukaretadesu.

    Meaning :

    Did you feel tired ?

    Yes, I’m tired.

That is all of the reference for the answer pattern. Those answers above is the answer pattern in order to solve the problem exist in Minna no Nihongo Chapter 21 Section B Part 7 in page 176.





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