Japanese Language Lesson Minna no Nihongo 2 Chapter 27 Section B Part 3

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Japanese Language Lesson

Minna no Nihongo 2

Chapter 27 Section B Part 3

This article discuss several usage of interrogative pronoun such as itsu kara, doko de, nanji made, nan nichi where each of the combination of interrogative pronoun are used only for specific purpose. The questions are made into the form of conversation and it can be seen in Minna no Nihongo 2 chapter 27 section B part 3 on page 13. Below are the answers for the question given in Minna no Nihongo 2 chapter 27 section B part 3 as follows :



いつから 富士山に 登りますか。

。。。7月一日から 富士山に 登ります。

Hiragana            :

いつから ふじさんに のぼりますか。

。。。7がつついたちから ふじさんに のぼります。

Romaji               :

Itsu kara Fuji-san ni noborimasuka ?

  。。。7gatsu tsuitachi kara Fuji-san ni noborimasu.

Meaning           :

Since when do you climb Mt. Fuji ?

  。。。(I) climb fuji since 1st July.

The above question used an interrogative pronoun itsu 「いつ」combination with a particle kara「から」. It can be translated as ‘since when, from when’. It is asking the starting time of an activity on the above question’s context which is climbing Mount Fuji.




どこで お金を 換えますか

。。。銀行やホテルで お金を 換えます。

Hiragana            :

どこで おかねを かえますか。

。。。ぎんこうやホテルで おかねを かえます。

Romaji               :

Doko de okane wo kaemasuka.

。。。ginkou ya hoteru de okane wo kaemasu。

Meaning           :

Where is the place to exchange money ?

 。。。exchanging money is (can be done) in bank or hotel。

Doko is an interrogative question used to ask for a certain place or location. Particle de is combined with the interrogative question to ask the location where an activity occurred.



Kanji                   :

何日 本を 借りますか

。。。2週間 本を 借ります。

Hiragana            :

なんにち ほんを かりますか

。。。2しゅうかん ほんを かります。

Romaji               :

Nan nichi hon wo karimasuka ?

。。。2 shuukan hon wo karimasu.

Meaning           :

How many days to borrow the book ?

。。。2 weeks to borrow the book.

This interrogative pronoun is used to ask for a period of time of an activity. In the above context, the answer is nan nichi which can be translated as ‘how many days’. The answer is specified in weeks.

4.Answer :

Kanji                   :

この デパートでは 何時まで 買い物しますか。

。。。夜7時半まで この デパートで 買い物します。

Hiragana            :

この デパートでは なんじまで かいものしますか。

。。。よる7じはんまで この デパートで かいものします。

Romaji               :

Kono depa-to de wa nanji made kaimono shimasuka.

。。。Yoru 7ji han made kono depa-to de kaimono shimasu.

Meaning           :

Until what time do you shop in this department store ?

。。。I shop until 7.30 night at the department store.

This is the last question where the answer is using interrogative pronoun ‘nanji made’ and can be translated as ‘until what time’. It is used to ask the ending time of activity which is done.

We can see the full questions and problems in Minna Nihongo 2 book chapter 26 practice B part 3 on page 13.




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