Learning Japanese Katakana Letter ヤ

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Katakana Tutorial Series

Learning Katakana Japanese Letter

Another katakana letter in Japanese alphabetic system is . It is consists of just two stroke as it is described below.

Katakana Form

Katakana Letter’s Stroke Steps






Basic Information


Number of Strokes


Word Example



1.       ヤード(ya-do)

2.       ヤードライン(ya-do rain)

3.       ヤードグラッス(ya-do gurassu)

4.       ヤードスチック(ya-dosuchikku)

5.       ヤフー(yahu-)

6.       ヤンキー(yanki-)

7.       ヤニック(yanikku)

8.       ヤク(yaku)

9.       ヤンゴーん(yango-n)

10.   ヤーン(ya-n)

1.       yard.

2.       yard line.


3.       yard grass.


4.     yard stick.

5.       yahoo.

6.     yankee.

7.     yannick.

8.     yak.

9.     yangoon (previous capital city of Burma / Myanmar).

10.   yarn.

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