Learning Japanese Katakana Letter ム

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Katakana Tutorial Series

Learning Katakana Japanese Letter

Another katakana letter in Japanese alphabetic system is ム. It is consists of just two strokes as it is described below.

Katakana Form

Katakana Letter’s Stroke Steps






Basic Information


Number of Strokes

Word Example



1.       ムード(muudo)

2.       ムース(muusu)

3.       ムスタング(musutangu)

4.       ムンバイ(munbai)

5.       ムーン(muun)

6.       ムーンライト(muunraito)

7.       ムグ(mugu)

8.       ムーンサルト(muunsaruto)

9.       ムスリム(musurimu)

10.    ムーンフェイス(muunfeisu)

1.       mood.

2.     moose.

3.       mustang.

4.     mumbai.

5.     moon.

6.     moonlight.

7.     mug.

8.     moonsault.

9.       moslem.

10.    moon face.

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