Learning Japanese Katakana Letter ギ

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Katakana Tutorial Series

Learning Katakana Japanese Letter

Another katakana letter in Japanese alphabetic system is . It is consists of just five strokes
as it is described below.

Katakana Form

Katakana Letter’s Stroke Steps







Basic Information


Number of Strokes


Word Example



1.       キター(gita-)

2.       ギヤ(giya)

3.       ギフト(gifuto)

4.       ギフトショップ(gifuto shoppu)

5.       ギプス(gipusu)

6.       ギロチン(girochin)

7.       ギフトカード(gifuto ka-do)

8.       ヤチェンジ(giana)

9.       ギネス(ginesu)

10.   ギリシア(girisia)

1.       guitar.

2.     gear.

3.       gift.

4.       gift shop.

5.     gyps.

6.     guillotine.

7.     gift card.

8.     gear change.

9.       guinness.

10.   greece.


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