Kanji 三年 which is read ‘sannen’ in Chinese Reading Style

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Kanji 三年 (sannen)

The first form of jukugo in kanji三 which is read in on-yomi (Chinese Reading style) is the usage of word which is spelled as ‘sannen’. Slightly the same with the other words which is generated by joining two or more kanjis, the word ‘sannen’ also has the same pattern. Describing three things as presented in the first kanji, kanji 三 which is pronounced ‘san’ and symbolizing year for the second kanji, kanji 年. This kanji itself will hold a meaning of three years when the two of the kanjis is joined altogether. The word ‘sannen’ is using on-yomi (Chinese Reading Style) to pronounce the two kanji letters  as a whole.



(Kanji’s Writing Steps Method)

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(Kanji’s Reading Method)


(Chinese’s Reading Method)



(Vocabulary Example)



意味(いみ) (Meaning)

三年 (read:sannen)

Three years

例文(Sentence Example)




(Roman Letter)

Sannen gurai nihon de hataraite sono ato kare

wa kuni ni modorimasu.

意味 (Meaning)

After for about three years working in Japan, after that he came back to his country.



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