Kanji 三つ which is read ‘mitsu’ in Japanese Reading Style

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Kanji 三つ (mitsu)

The next kanji which is studied is the third kanji, kanji三. This kanji is a kanji which from its form can represents the meaning within. Three strikes of this kanji represents the meaning of number three. In this example, as we can see the usages of this kanji itself is to express the meaning of three things. In order to write the word, this kanji is followed by hiragana letter つ and the word will be pronounced as ‘mitsu’ in kun-yomi (Japanese Reading Style).



(Kanji’s Writing Steps Method)

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(Kanji’s Reading Method)


(Japanese’s Reading Method)


(Vocabulary Example)



意味 (Meaning)

三つ (read:mitsu)

Three (things)

例文(Sentence Example)




(Roman Letter)

Su-pa de mikan ga
mitsu de kaimashita.

意味 (Meaning)

I bought three oranges at the supermarket.



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