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JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) Answer Sheet Year 1998 4kyuu Level Moji Goi Part 4


1998 4級



JLPT or Japanese Language Proficiency Test for Answer Sheet of the 4th level (4kyuu) in year 1998 on the Moji Goi  section part 4 will be presented in this article.

Based on the related JLPT Question Sheet, we will give the answer generally according to the passage on the JLPT Question Sheet itself.


Part IV What is to be inserted in the underlined part. Please choose one best answer from 1 2 3 4

1.これは ボールペンです

Romaji     : kore wa bo-rupen desu.

Meaning    : this is a ballpoint.

Answer :





Romaji     :

1.kore de tegami wo kakimasu

2.kore de gohan wo tabemasu

3.kore de kami wo kirimasu

4.kore de ongaku wo kikimasu

Meaning    :

1.with this, (we) write the letter

2.with this, (we) eat meal

3.with this, (we) cut the paper

4.with this, (we) listen to the music

Answer : 1

Obviously the correct answer is in the first option. Since, it is people normally do with a ballpoint which is writing the letter.


Romaji     : Chichi wa ima dekakete imasu.

Meaning    : My father is going outside the moment.


Hiragana   :





Romaji     :

1.chichi wa ima ie ni imasu.

2.chichi wa ima ie wo demasu.

3.chichi wa ima ie ni imasen.

4.chichi wa ima ie ni tsukimasen.

Meaning    :

1.my father is at home right now

2.my father is go out of home right now

3.my father is not at home right now

4.my father is not arrive at home right now

Answer     : 3

The correct answer is in the third option. We just find similar sentence which has the same meaning in the answer with the written sentence in the question


Romaji     : Tanaka-san wa benkyou wo shite, ( rippana) isha ni narimashita.

Meaning    : Tanaka study and (he has) become a splendid doctor.

Answer :

1.りっぱな 2.きれいな  3.まっすぐな  4.だいじょうぶな

Second Option    :

Romaji     : kirei na

Meaning    : pretty

Third Option     :

Romaji     : massugu na

Meaning    : directly

Fourth Option    :

Romaji     : daijyoubu na

Meaning    : alright

Answer     : 1

The correct answer is in the first option since it is the most suitable vocabulary to be filled in the sentence written in the question part.


Romaji     : Ashita wa ii tenki deshou.

Meaning    : Tomorrow the weather will be nice, isn’t it?.

Answer     :





Romaji     :

1.ashita wa kumoru deshou.

2.ashita wa haru deshou.

3.ashita wa ame ga furu deshou.

4.ashita wa yuki ga furu dehshou.

Meaning    :

1.tomorrow will be cloudy isn’t it.

2.tomorrow will be clear isn’t it.

3.tomorrow rain will fall isn’t it.

4.tomorrow snow will fall isn’t it.

Answer     : 2

The correct answer will be in the second option since we can conclude that the sky clear will be a nice weather.


Romaji     :Tanaka-san wa asa kudamono wo tabemasu.

Meaning    :Tanaka eat fruit in the morning.

Answer     :





Romaji     :

1.Tanaka-san wa pan wo tabemasu.

2.Tanaka-san wa mikan wo tabemasu.

3.Tanaka-san wa asa gohan wo tabemasu.

4.Tanaka-san wa asa ke-ki wo tabemasu.

Meaning    :

1.Tanaka eat bread.

2.Tanaka eat mandarin orange.

3.Tanaka eat breakfast meal.

4.Tanaka eat breakfast cake.

Answer     : 2

The correct answer is in the second option. Mikan or mandarin orange is obviously type of fruit.

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