JLPT – 1992 – Yonkyuu – Dokkai Bunpou – Part 3 – Answer Sheet

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1992 4級


(100点 25文)



1.とおか 2.ようか 3。むいか 4.よっか 

Answer : 2

Hiragana : Nanoka no tsugi wa youka desu.

Meaning : After 7th is 8th.

The answer is the second one. It is natural that after 7th is 8th. なのかmeans and ようかmeans 8th.


1.ふうとう 2.きっと 3.でんわ 4.てがみ

Answer : 4

Hiragana : Watashi wa yuube tomodachi ni tegami wo kakimashita.

Meaning : Last night I wrote a letter to my friend.


1.ピアノ 2.ふたり 3.スキー 4.テーブル

Answer : 3

Hiragana : Watashi no suki na supo-tsu wa sukidesu.

Meaning : My favourite sport is ski.


1.ふたつ 2.ふたり 3.にだい 4.にひき

Answer : 4

Hiragana : Watashi no uchi ni neko ga nihiki imasu.

Meaning : There are two cats in my home.

In Japanese language, we are using ひきas a countable noun for counting small
animal such as cats, dogs.


1.わかい 2.うすい 3.せまい 4.おもい

Answer : 3

Hiragana : Kono michi wa semai desu.

Meaning : This road is narrow.


1.およいで 2.はしって 3.あるいて 4.とんで

Answer : 1

Hiragana : Sakana ga kawa wo oyoide imasu.

Meaning : Fish swims in the river.


1.はじめ 2.はじめて 3.はじめの 4.はじめから

Answer :

Hiragana : Kinou no pa-ti– de Yamada-san ni hajimete aimashita.

Meaning : Yesterday party is the first time met Yamada.


1.かぶって 2.はいて 3.きて 4.かけて

Answer : 3

Hiragana : Tanaka-san wa kyou wa aoi zubon wo kite imasu.

Meaning : Tanaka today wear a blue trousers.


1.のり 2.とり 3.すわり 4.のぼり

Answer : 1

Hiragana : Eki de densha ni norimasu.

Meaning : (I) take a train in the station.


1.とおい 2.ながい 3.おもい 4.たかい

Answer : 4

Hiragana : Machida-san wa sei ga takai desu.

Meaning : Machida is tall.

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