JLPT – 1991 – Yonkyuu – Dokkai Bunpou – Part 3 – Answer Sheet

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1991 4級




問題III _____のところになにをいれますか。1234からいちばんいいものをひとつえらびなさい。

Part III What should be inserted in the underlined part?. Please choose the best answer from 1 2 3 4


1.どう 2.なん 3.どこ 4.だれ。

Answer :

Romaji : Nihongo wa dou desuka?

Meaning : How is Japanese language ?

The correct answer is the first option which is the correct form to create a question form. The correct form is using どうwhich means how. It is questioning about how is the Japanese language.




1.なにか 2.どのぐらい 3.だれか 4.どうして

Answer : 4

Romaji :

Doushite gohan wo tabemasenka?

Onaka ga itaikaradesu.

Meaning :

Why doesn’t eat the meal?

Because (my) stomach is hurt.

The correct answer is the fourth option which is the correct form to create a question form. The correct form is using どうしてwhich means why. It is questioning about why we doesn’t even eat the meal.



1.どこ 2.どの 3.どれ 4.どんな

Answer : 3

Romaji : Dore ga anata no kaban desuka.

Meaning : Which one is your bag?

The third one is the correct answer for the question since it is asking noun in a question form. It is an interrogative pronoun which can be associated with ‘which’.


4.あの 人は______の くにの 人です。

1.どこ 2.どの 3.どれ 4.どんな

Answer :

Romaji : Ano hito wa doko no kuni no hito desuka.

Meaning : Where is the country whom that person come ?

The first option is the possible answer for the question form. The correct form is using どこ which means where. It is an interrogative question which is used to ask location. In this sentence the context is the location of the person’s origin country.



1.どんな 2.いくつ 3.なぜ 4.どのぐらい

Answer : 1

Romaji : Kinou donna undou shimashitaka.

Meaning : What kind of sport which is done yesterday ?

The first option is the right answer for this question. The answer, どんなis a form that can be translated as ‘what kind of’for the topic which is being questioned. It can be referred as one of interrogative question that actually ask to describe more detail about the topic.


1.しかし 2.それから 3.でも 4.それでは

Answer : 2

Romaji : Watashi wa main ban shinbun wo yomimasu. Sore kara rajio wo kikimasu.

Meaning : Every night I read newspaper. After that, I listen to the radio.

The second option is the right answer. It is それから which is the perfect conjunctive to inform sequence of activity that happens one after another.

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