Japanese Language Test JLPT 1999 Answer Sheet 4kyuu Moji Goi 3

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JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) Answer Sheet Year 1999

4kyuu Level Moji Goi Part 3


1999 4級



問題III_____のところになにをいれますか。 1234からいちばんいいものをひとつえらびなさい。

Part III What should be inserted in the underlined part. Please choose one best answer from the option’s answer 1 2 3 4.


Romaji     :kinou (hajime ni) nihon no eiga wo mimashita.

Meaning    :yesterday it is the first time I watched Japanese movie.

Answer     :

1.どきどき 2.もちろん 3.はじめに 4.はじめて

Romaji     :

1. toki doki mochiron   3. hajime ni  4. hajimete

Meaning    :

1. sometime 2. certainly 3. the first time  4. to start

Answer     : 3

The correct  answer is in the third option. It is the most reasonable and logical answer of all answers available.


Romaji      : ano ookii hashi wo (watatte), migi ni magatte kudasai.

Meaning     : cross over that large bridge, and please turn on the right.

Answer      :

1.あがって 2.あそんで 3.あるいて 4.わたって

Romaji      :

1.agatte   2. asonde    3. aruite  4. watatte

Meaning     :

1. to give 2. to play 3. to walk  4. to pass through

Answer      : 4

The correct answer based on the statement described in the question is in the fourth option.

28.ラジオを けすときは、このボタンを____ください。

Romaji      : rajio wo kesu toki wa, kono botan wo (oshite) kudasai.

Meaning     : when (you) want to turn on the radio, please push this button

1.おして 2.きって 3.つけて 4.さして

Answer      :

Romaji      :

1.oshite 2.kitte  3.tsukete  4.sashite

Meaning     :

1.to push 2.to cut  3.to stick  4.to thrust

Answer      : 1

The correct answer for the above question is in the first option. Pushing the button is suitable to be described in the verb shown in the first option.


Romaji      : (kitanai) te de gohan wo tabenaide kudasai.

Meaning      : please don’t eat meat with (your) dirty hand.

Answer :

1.まずい 2。わるい 3.きたない 4.あぶない

Romaji      :

1.mazui 2。warui 3.kitanai 4. abunai

Meaning     :

1.bad (taste) 2。bad (action) 3.dirty 4.dangerous

Answer            : 3

The correct answer is in the third option based on the context of the sentence specified in the question.


Romaji      : otousan no otoko no kyoudai wa (ojisan) desu.

Meaning     : my father ‘s male sibling is uncle.

Answer      :

1.おじさん 2.おばさん 3.おじいさん 4.おばあさん

Romaji      :

1.ojisan 2.obasan 3.ojiisan 4.obaasan

Meaning     :

1.uncle 2.aunt 3.grandfather 4.grandmother

Answer      : 1

The correct answer is in the first option. It is the logical answer since the father’s male sibling is called uncle.


Romaji      : hondana ni hon wo (narabemashou).

Meaning     : let’s line up the book in the book shelf.

Answer      :

1.ならいましょう 2.ならしましょう 3.ならびましょう


Romaji      :

1. naraimashou 2. narashimashou 3. narabimashou 4. narabemashou

Answer      : 4

The correct answer is in the fourth option. It is the correct vocabulary to be used in the context of the statement exist in the above question.


Romaji      : watashi wa (ashi) ga ookii desu. Choudo ii kutsu ga aimasen.

Meaning     : I have a large feet. just exactly good shoes doesn’t fit.

Answer      :

1.め 2.あし 3.みみ 4.からだ

Romaji      :

1. me 2. ashi 3. mimi 4. karada

Meaning     :

1. eye 2. feet 3. ear 4. Body

Answer      : 2

The correct answer is in the second option.


Romaji      :isogashikute hon wo yomu hima ga arimasen.

Meaning     :(I) am busy, read book, no spare time.


1.ひま 2.しごと 3.つくえ 4.やすみ

Romaji      :

1.hima    2. shigoto  3. tsukue   4. yasumi

Meaning     :

1. spare time 2. work 3. table 4. holiday

Answer      : 1

The right option for the above question is in he first option answer.


Romaji      :sumimasen. ano osara wo (totte) kudasai.

Meaning     :excuse me. Please take that plate.

Answer      :

1.まって 2.すんで 3.とって 4.しめて

Romaji      :

1.matte 2.sunde 3.totte 4.shimete

Meaning     :

1.to wait 2.to dwell 3.to take 4.to close

Answer      : 3

The correct answer is in the third option based on the context of the sentence in the question.


Romaji      :ano resutoran no ryouri wa totemo (oishii) desu yo.

Meaning     :that restaurant’s dish is very delicious.

Answer      :

1.へた 2.おいしい 3.にぎやか 4.じょうず

Romaji      :

1.heta 2.oishii 3.nigiyaka 4.jyouzu

Meaning     :

1.unskillful 2.delicious 3.crowded 4.skillful

Answer      : 2

The correct answer is in the second option.





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