Japanese Language Test JLPT 1999 Answer Sheet 4kyuu Dokkai Bunpou 3

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Japanese Language Test JLPT 1999 Answer Sheet 4kyuu Dokkai Bunpou 3



1999 4級




Part III What should be inserted in the underlined part. Please choose one best answer from the option’s answer 1 2 3 4.

1.あなたの うちから かいしゃまで___かかりますか。

Romaji     :anata no uchi kara kaisha made (dono gurai) kakarimasuka.

Meaning    :how much does it takes from your home to the office ?.

Answer     :

1.どう 2.どうして 3.どのぐらい 4.いくつぐらい

Romaji     :

1.dou 2.doushite 3.dono gurai 4.ikutsu gurai

Answer     : 3

It is the correct interrogative pronoun used to ask for period of time an event or an activity lasts. It is the combination of ‘dono’ and gurai’.

2.「____ところへ 行きたいですか。」「うみの ちかくが いいですね。」。

Hiragana   :「どんなところへ いきたいですか。」「うみの ちかくが いいですね。」。

Romaji     :「donna tokoro e ikitai desuka.」「umi no chikaku ga ii desu ne。」。

Meaning    : 「what kind of place do you want to go ?.」「it is nice to be near the sea。」

Answer     :

1.どれ 2.どこ 3.どちら 4.どんな

Romaji     :

1.dore  2.doko  3.dochira  4.donna

Answer     : 4

It it the correct interrogative pronoun used to be used for the above question. ‘Donna’ is an interrogative pronoun specifically asks to describe what it will be looked like. And in the above question it is used to ask of what kind of place the subject is being asked to go.

3.きのうは そうじを した____せんたくを しました。

Romaji     : kinou wa souji wo shita(nagara) sentaku wo shimashita.

Meaning  : yesterday I washed (did laundry) while cleaned.

Answer     :

1.まえに 2.あとで 3.だから 4.ながら

Romaji     :

1.mae ni 2.atode 3.dakara 4.nagara

Answer     : 4

This is a Japanese language grammar pattern using ‘nagara’ which is used to describe two activities done in the same time. In other words doing two activities parallel by the same person.

4.____コートが 田中さんのですか。

Hiragana   : (どの)コートが たなかさんのですか。

Romaji     : (dono) ko-to ga Tanaka-san no desuka.

Answer     :

1.どの 2.どう 3.どれ 4.どちら

Romaji     :

1.dono  2.dou  3.dore  4.dochira

The correct answer is in the first option. It is the suitable interrogative pronoun used to ask specifically which item is being discussed or asked.

5.「それは ____の 国の 車ですか。」「日本の 車です。」

Hiragana   :「それは(どこ)のくにの くるまですか。」「にほんの くるまです。」

Romaji     :「sore wa(doko)no kuni no kuruma desuka。」「nihon no kuruma desu。」

Meaning    : 「where is that car (made) came from。」「Japanese car。」

Answer     :

1.どれ 2.どの 3.どこ 4.なん

Romaji     :

1.dore 2.dono 3.doko 4.nan

Answer     : 3

The correct answer is in the third option. It is the correct interrogative pronoun used to ask for location or place where an item was made or was built. In the above context is the question of where the car was made or was built.

    6.あ、12時に なりましたね。じゃあ、___じゅぎょうを おわりましょう。

Hiragana   : あ、12じに なりましたね。じゃあ、(これで)じゅぎょうを おわりましょう。

Romaji     : a, 12 ji ni narimashita ne. Jyaa, (kore de) jyugyou wo owarimashou.

Answer     : oh, it’s already 12 o’clock. In that case, this is the end of the lesson.

Answer     :

1.これは 2.これで 3.それは 4.それ

Romaji     :

1.kore wa 2.kore de 3.sore wa 4.sore

Answer     : 2

The correct answer is in the second option. The answer can be an expression to end a session for an example a class in the above context.



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