Japanese Language Proficiency Test Answer Sheet 1996 4kyuu Dokkai Bunpou Part 4

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1996 4級



問題IV どのこたえがいちばんいいですか。1234からいちばんいいものをひとつえらびなさい。 Part IV Which answer is the best one. Please choose the best one from choice 1 2 3 4.

1. A「田中さんを しって いますか。」


1. しります。 2.しっています。 3.しりましあ。 4.います

Romaji :

1. Shirimasu。 2.Shitte imasu。 3.Shirimashita。 4.Imasu

Answer : 2

Based on the above dialogue, it is understandable to give an answer as shown in the second option. Since –te imasu form is an ongoing or currently condition which is happening as shown in the above answer ‘shitte imasu’ means i know Tanaka-san and currently I know him. It is not suitable to use the first option ‘shirimasu’ which can be used as a future form depends on the context of the sentence. And it is generally used in the conversation to use ‘shitte imasu’ rather than ‘shirimasu’ to express on knowing something at the current time.

Hiragana A「田中さんを しって いますか。」


Romaji :   A「Tanaka-san wo shitte imasuka。」

B「ee、shitte imasu。」

Meaning : A「Do you know Tanaka。」

B「Yes、(I) know。」

2. A「これを もって くださいませんか」。


1. ください。 2.くださいます。 3.そうです。 4.いいですよ。

Romaji :

1. Kudasai。 2.Kudasaimasu。 3.Sou desu。 4.Ii desu yo。

Answer : 4

To give an agreeable expression, the appropriate answer is in the fourth option based on the question which is given by A-san.

Hiragana A「これを もって くださいませんか」。


Romaji :   A「Kore wo motte kudasaimasenka」。

B「Ii desu yo。」

Meaning : A「Could you please bring this (with you)?」。

B「That’s no problem。」

3. A「しけんは はじまりましたか」。


Answer : 1

1. いいえ、まだです。

2. はい、まだです。

3. いいえ、もうです。

4. はい、もうです。

Romaji :

1. Iie, mada desu

2. Hai, mada desu.

3. Iie, mou desu.

4. Hai, mou desu.

Depend on the situation, mada (まだ) can be translated into ‘still’ when it is followed with a positive sentence and it can be translated into ‘not yet’ when it is followed with a negative sentence. The above question is shown to asked whether the test has already been started. The appropriate answer for the above question is shown in the first option. It means that the exam hasn’t start yet.

Hiragana A「しけんは はじまりましたか」。


Romaji :  A「Shiken wa hajimarimashitaka」。

B「Iie, mada desu。」

Meaning : A「Did the exam has already started ?」。

B「No, not yet。」

4. A「あたらしい しごとは いかがですか_____。」



1. ええ、いかがです

2. ええ、あたらしいです

3. ええ、しごとです

4. ええ、おもしろいです。

  Romaji :

1. Ee, ikaga desu

2. Ee, atarashii desu.

3. Ee, shigoto desu.

4. Ee, omoshiroi desu.

Answer : 4

The correct answer is in the fourth option. A-san is asking about the new job which B-san has now. The second option means Well yes, it is new. The third option can be translated as “Well yes, it is a job. But the fourth option which is the correct answer means “Well yes, it is interesting”. So, the most logical answer based on the question in the conversation form above is in the fourth option.

Hiragana A「あたらしい しごとは いかがですか。」


Romaji     A「Atarashii shigoto wa ikaga desuka。」

B「Ee, omoshiroi desu。」

Meaning A「How is your new work ?。」

B「Well, it is interesting。」

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