Japanese Language Proficiency Test Answer Sheet 1997 4kyuu Dokkai Bunpou Part 4

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1997 4級



問題IV どのこたえがいちばんいいですか。1234からいちばんいいものをひとつえらびなさい。

Problem IV Which answer is the best one. Please choose the best answer from the choice 1 2 3 4.

1.A「えきまで どのくらいですか」。


Romaji :

A [eki made dono kurai desuka].

B [15 fun desu].

Meaning :

A [how long until the train station].

B [15 minutes].

Answer : 4

1.15ぷんです。2.15だいです。 3.15かいです 4.15ふんです

Romaji :

1.15 bun desu 2. 15 dai desu. 3. 15 kai desu. 15 fun desu.

The above question’s answer is definitely is in the fourth answer since it is only a problem of the right pronunciation.

2.A「えいごで 書いて ください。」


Hiragana :

A「えいごで 書いて ください。」


Romaji :

A「eigo de kaite kudasai。」


Meaning :

A「please write in english。」

B「yes、(I) understood」。

Answer : 2

1.そうです 2.わかりました 3.かいて ください 4.おねがいします

Romaji :

1.sou desu   2. wakarimashita.   3. kaite kudasai.   4.onegaishimasu

The correct answer in the above question is in the second option. It is actually a correct expression to complete the above conversation. The first, third and also the fourth option is not correct.

The first option is an option to express agreement and it is not inherent with the flow of the conversation.

The third option is a request sentence asking someone to write and it is not match to complete the above question.

The fourth option is onegaishimasu which can be translated as please or an expression of confirmation which is also not suitable to be chosen as the answer to complete the above conversation.

The first option is the best answer because it is actually responding to the request which is described as requesting the subject to do something.

3.A「あの 人の 子どもは いくつですか______。」


Hiragana :

A「あの ひとの こどもは いくつですか______。」


Romaji :

A「ano hito no kodomo wa ikutsu desuka______。」

B「futatsu desu」。

Meaning :

A [ how old is that person’s child] 。

B [ two years old].

1.ふたりです 2.ふたついます 3.ふたつです 4.ふたりいます

Romaji :

1.futari desu 2.futatsu imasu 3.futatsu desu 4.futari imasu

Answer : 3

The correct answer is in the third option. There are two kinds of spelling or pronunciation to state someone’s age. As we already knew that there are two kinds of reading way to read a kanji letter which is the onyoumi (chinese reading way) and kunyoumi (japanese reading way). So by the categorization of reading it is also by far affect the spelling and pronunciation. The rules also apply to japanese counter for age. There are the onyoumi and the kunyoumi version that we can use to read or to spell the Japanese counter for age.

The pronunciation of Japanese age counter for kunyoumi is ‘futatsu’and the onyoumi version is ‘nisai’.

The first option is false since futari means ‘two person’. The second option is false since the ending of it is ‘imasu’ which is a kopula to state existence of living being such as humans and animals. So, it can be translated as there are two human beings. The fourth can be translated as ‘there are two living beings’.


4.先生「これは 田中さんのですか。」


Hiragana :

せんせい「これは たなかさんのですか。」


Romaji :

sensei [kore wa Tanaka-san no desuka.]

Tanaka [iie, (chigaimasu). ]

Meaning :

Sensei [is this Tanaka-san’s ?]

Tanaka [no, it’s not]

Answer : 2

1.ありません 2.ちがいます 3.わかりません 4.そうです

Romaji :

1.arimasen 2. chigaimasu 3. wakarimasen 4. sou desu

Thec correct answers are in the second option since it is actually the proper one in the above conversation. It is the most suitable expression which is given as the correct answer.

The correct word following いいえ (iie) which is translated as no is in the second option.

The first option, arimasen is not suitable since the expression used to define the non-existence of non-living things such as books, papers, etc.

The third option, wakarimasen is also not fit with the flow of conversation since it can be translated as ‘(I) do not understand’.

The fourth option is also incorrect, sou desu is an expression to state an agreement for the previous statement or simply just to said yes.

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