Answer JLPT Question with Japanese Language Grammar nagara 「– ながら」

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 ِAnswer JLPT Question with Japanese Language Grammar nagara 「– ながら」

This is an article which is used to describe the usage of Japanese language grammar pattern ‘nagara’(ながら). This grammar pattern is a grammar pattern express an activity which is doing parallel with another activity.

Before moving forward to the example, below is the Japanese language grammar pattern which is mentioned :

Kanji : 動詞「連用形」 ながら
Hiragana : どうし「れんようけい」 ながら
Romaji : doushi [renyoukei] nagara
Meaning : verb [renyou form] particle nagara

Based on the above general pattern, below is the example of all questions exist in Japanese Language Proficiency Test :

Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) 4kyuu year 1999 Moji Goi Section Part 2 No. 1 :  

  • おんがくを___ながら おちゃを のみます。

Romaji     :ongaku wo (kiki) nagara ocha wo nomimasu.

Meaning    :I drink tea while listening to song.

Answer     :

1.聞く 2.聞き 3.聞いて 4.聞きます

Romaji     :

1.kiku 2.kiki 3.kiite 4.kikimasu

Answer     : 2

The correct answer is in the second option. It is the pattern of Japanese language grammar of ‘nagara’. It is used to express two activities done in the same time. Below is the pattern :

Based on the above example :

Kanji : 聞き ながら
Hiragana : きき ながら
Romaji : kiki nagara
Meaning : hear while

For the full sentence, the meaning become I drink tea while hearing a song.


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