Introduction to Japanese Letter System

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Introduction to Japanese Letter System.

There are three types of letters which is exists in Japanese Language.
Each of the letter is used in a different way.Those letters are hiragana, katakana and kanji.

The most basic letter which is used in Japanese Language is Hiragana. Every Japanese original words is written in Hiragana.

The second type is Katakana. This type of letter is usually used to write words which is not originally derived from Japanese words. Every words which is basically  originated from other than Japanese words which is then associated with the most suitable Japanese letter and syllables that can be pronounced are written in Katakana.

For an example words such as hamburger which Japanese people would pronounce hanbaagaa will be written in katakana.

The last one which is very difficult for those who really want to learn Japanese language is Kanji letter. Not even the number of those kanji are too many which is more than a thousand which is used in daily newspaper but also the shape or the way it is written are so vary from the simplest one to the most pain ever. Eventually every kanji can be written in hiragana but the problem which rises is whether the furigana is included on the kanji writing. Furigana itself can be described as a Japanese reading aid which consists of smaller kana or syllabic characters which act an information of the kanji’s pronunciation for those who cannot read the kanji letter.

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