Learning Japanese Hiragana Letter や

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Hiragana Tutorial Series

Learning Hiragana Japanese Letter

Another hiragana letter in Japanese alphabetic system is . It is consists of three stroke as it is described below.

Hiragana Form

Hiragana Letter’s Stroke Steps





Basic Information


Number of Strokes


Word Example



1.       やる(yaru)

2.       やっかい(yakkai)

3.       やばい(yabai)

4.       やね(yane)

5.       やきゅう(yakyuu)

6.       やさい(yasai)

7.       やさしい(yasashii)

8.       やくそく(yakusoku)

9.       やちん(yachin)

1.      to do, to kill.

2.       trouble (an), burden, care, bother, worry.

3.      dangerous (sl).

4.      roof.

5.      baseball.

6.       vegetable.

7.      tender, kind, gentle, graceful, affectionate.

8.       arrangement, promise.

9.      rent.

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