Learning Japanese Hiragana Letter ぎ

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Hiragana Tutorial Series

Learning Hiragana Japanese Letter

Another hiragana letter in Japanese alphabetic system is . It is actually a modified form of hiragana letter. It is built by adding two lines which is located on top of the right side of the letter . The letter itself will be read as ‘gi’. Those two lines is called ten ten.

Hiragana Form

Hiragana Letter’s Stroke Steps








Basic Information


Number of Strokes

Word Example



1.       ぎし(gishi)

2.       ぎんこう(ginkou)

3.       ぎん(gin)

4.       ぎむ(gimu)

5.       ぎろん(giron)

6.       ぎいん(giin)

7.       ぎかい(gikai)

8.       ぎりょう(giryou)

9.       ぎもんふ(gimonfu)

1.      engineer, technician.

2.       bank.

3.      silver.

4.      duty, obligation, responsibility.

5.      argument, discussion, dispute.

6.       member of the Diet, congress or parliament.

7.      Diet, congress, parliament.

8.       ability, talent, skill, capacity.

9.      question mark.

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