Japanese Minna no Nihongo Answer Sheet Chapter 4 Practice B Part 1 Page 33

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This article consists of several lessons on expressing how to inform time. Through chapter 4 page 33 in Minna no Nihongo, we can exercise to inform time with the available clock pictures which is provided as a question for practicising. To view the complete question or the pictures of the clock, please buy the original Minna no Nihongo book.

1.    07.30.

Answer I

Answer   :7時半です。


Romaji     :sichiji han desu.

MeaningIt’s seven and a half.

Answer II

Answer   :7時30分です。


Romaji    sichiji sanjyuppun desu.

MeaningIt’s seven thirty.


2.    12.15.

Answer   :12時15分です。


Romaji    jyuuniji jyuugofun desu.

MeaningIt’s twelve and a quarter.

3.    14.45.



Romajinijiyonjyuugofun desu.

MeaningIt’s two fortyfive.

4.    22.20.



Romajijyuuji nijyuppun desu.

MeaningIt’s ten twenty.

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