Japanese Language Grammar Pattern kara 「から」

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Japanese Language Grammar Pattern kara 「から」

Japanese Language Grammar Pattern -kara

Japanese Grammar Pattern   :

Kanji : 。。。*「理由・原因」 から
Hiragana : 。。。*「りゆう・げんいん」 から
Romaji : 。。。*「riyuu ・genin」 kara
Meaning : 。。。*「reason・cause」 because of

The above grammar pattern is showing the usage of particle kara. The particle itself used ending a sentence which the sentence itself describing about the reason or the cause of something which has been done or something which is actually occurred.

The * sign is actually in form of a sentence expressing cause or reason to be used with particle kara. Below is the general translation of Japanese grammar pattern –kara :

Translation                              :

1. because of + do + verb
2. seldom + do + verb
3. not to much + do + verb
3. any other translations which is describing the intensity, degree, or periodic of almost never doing an activity or an event happened.

If someone in Japanese language n this grammar section’s article, the grammar pattern which is going to be discussed is the usage of amari. Below is an example of using the grammar pattern  in a simple sentence :

Kanji : 苦すぎるですから。
Hiragana : にがすぎるですから。
Romaji : niga sugiru desukara.
Meaning : it is because (it is) too bitter.

It is might be an actual part from a conversation which is in form of a sentence. It can be a sentence used as a respond for a question given. Particle ‘kara’ is used to give a reason or giving cause for the question given as part of the answer or the respond. If the above example can be constructured in a whole full conversation, it can be constructed as follows :

Kanji : どうして薬を飲まないですか。
Hiragana : どうしてくすりをのまないですか。
Romaji : doushite kusuri wo nomanai desuka.
niga sugiru desukara.
Meaning : why don’t you drink the medicine ?
it is because (it is) too bitter.

As the full conversation made in the example above, it is clearly shown that the earlier example on giving cause or reason is proven. Since the flow and the arrangement of the above conversation clearly connected.

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