Japanese Language Grammar Pattern -amari 「-あまり」

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Japanese Language Grammar Pattern -amari 「-あまり」

Japanese Grammar Pattern   :

Kanji : 。。。 あまり 動詞「否定形」 。。。
Hiragana : 。。。 あまり どうし「ひていけい」 。。。
Romaji : 。。。 meishi doushi「hitei kei」 。。。
Meaning : 。。。 noun verb「negative form」 。。。


Translation                              :

1. rarely + do + verb
2. seldom + do + verb
3. not to much + do + verb
3. any other translations which is describing the intensity, degree, or periodic of an almost never done for activity to be executed or an almost never occurred that event has already happened, except maybe for two or three times.

In this grammar section’s article, the grammar pattern which is going to be discussed is the usage of -amari. Below is an example of using the grammar pattern  in a simple sentence :

Kanji : くすりが あまり 飲みません。
Hiragana : くすりが あまり のみません。
Romaji : kusuri ga amari nomimasen.
Meaning : I seldom (rarely, not that much) drink medicine.

The above example shown the Japanese grammar pattern usage ‘-amari’. It is combined with negative pattern of verb. The verb used in the above example is ‘nomu’ in the dictionary form and it is translated as ‘to drink’. So, in order to be used and paired with it, since it is following ‘-amari’, it is needed to change into a negative form so that it confirms with the pattern.  It is used to show and express activity which is rarely done by using the above Japanese grammar pattern.

Furthermore, based on the usage implemented in the above example, it can be concluded that the subject has almost never drink medicine except maybe for two or three occasions in his or her entire life. The reason might be simple, whenever he or she felt sick, a good rest and a healthy combination of food and drink is enough already to cure it or to make it feel better. On the other hand, whenever the illness is worse in rare occasions, maybe two or three times forced he or she to take or to drink medicine.


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