Shin Nihongo no Kiso 1 Chapter 6B Part 1

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On this article, we are going to display another useful information on creating a simple sentence using verb in -masu form. When we want to create a positive sentence which is in a polite manner, we can convert the base verb or the dictionary based verb into a verb which is changed into –masu form verb. We are going to give examples in form of the sentence which is described before similar with the answer form of questions given in Shin Nihongo no Kiso 1 chapter 5 practice C part 4. The examples are given as follows:


Pattern    :

Kanji            : 目的語                 +を              +動詞 (-ます刑)

Hiragana    : もくてきご            +を              +どうし(-ますけい)

Romaji        : mokutekigo      +wo            + doushi (-masu kei)

Meaning     : subject                +wo particle     + verb (-masu form)


Example    :

Kanji            : 鋏で紙を切ります。

Hiragana    : はさみでかみをきります。

Romaji        : hasami de kami wo kirimasu。

Meaning     : I cut the paper using scissor.

Based on the above pattern and example, we will only display the answer of the problems. The question is displayed in Shin Nihongo no Kiso 1 chapter 6practice C part 1 on page 47. Below are the answers :



Kanji :

水を 飲みます。

Hiragana    :

みずを のみます。

Romaji      :

Mizu wo nomimasu.

Meaning     :

(I) drink water.



Kanji :

テープレコーダを 聞きます。

Hiragana :

テープレコーダを ききます。

     Romaji :

Te-pu reko-da wo kikimasu.

Meaning :

(I) listen to the tape recorder.

3.   Answer :

Kanji :

カメラを 買います。

Hiragana :

カメラを かいます。

Romaji :

Kamera wo kaimasu.

Meaning :

(I) buy a kamera.

4.Answer :

Kanji :

本を 読みます。

Hiragana :

ほんを よみます。

Romaji :

Hon wo yomimasu.

Meaning :

(I) read a book.

5.Answer :

Kanji :

手紙を 書きます。

Hiragana :

てがみを かきます。

Romaji :

Tegami wo kakimasu.

Meaning :

(I) write a letter.

The complete question is displayed in Shin Nihongo no Kiso 1 chapter 6 practice C part 1 on page 47.

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