Minna no Nihongo Answer Chapter 8 B1

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In this article, we will try to present several adjectives which can be used in a sentence describing the characteristics of items, situation or condition. The adjective itself is used in Minna no Nihongo 1 book chapter 8. And based on the subject and material which is presented in that chapter, we will be presented with several images or pictures of a thing, situation or condition. We have to make a sentence based on the main characteristic which define the thing, situation or condition depicted in the images or pictures. Those images or pictures are located in Minna no Nihongo 1 book Chapter 8 practice B part one in page 67. We will display several example of adjective usage as follows :

Pattern :

Kanji                :主語                   +は+形容詞

Hiragana        :しゅご     +は+けいようし

Romaji            :shugo            +wa+keiyoushi

Meaning         :subject    +wa+adjective

Example :

Kanji                      : 田舎の景色は美しいですね。

Hiragana              :いなかのけしきはうつくしいですね。

Romaji                  :inaka no keshiki wa utsukushii desu ne.

Meaning               :my home town’s scenery is beautiful.

Another example :

Kanji                      :その黒い犬が可愛いです。

Hiragana              :そのくろいいぬがかわいいです。

Romaji                  :sono kuroi inu ga kawaii desu.

Meaning               :that black dog is adorable.


Below are all of the answers of all the questions based on the above pattern by paying attention to the images or pictures presented in the questions. The full questions can be seen in Minna Nihongo book chapter 8 practice B part 1 page 67 :


Kanji                   : サントスさんは元気です。

Hiragana            :サントスさんはげんきです。

Romaji               : Santosu-san wa genki desu.

Meaning           :Santos is healthy.



Hiragana            :カリナさんはきれいです。

Romaji               : Karina-san wa kirei desu。

Meaning           : Karian is beautiful



Kanji                   :ふじさんは高いです。

Hiragana            :ふじさんはたかいです。

Romaji               : Fuji-san wa takai desu.

Meaning           :Mount Fuji is high.



Kanji                   :8月に 暑いです。

Hiragana            :8がつに あついです。

Romaji               : 8 gatsu ni atsui desu.

Meaning           :It is hot in August.

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