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This article is still discussing on using Japanese grammar pattern ‘-n’ (-ん) or -n desu’ (-んです) based on the question which is shown in Minna no Nihongo 2 chapter 26 section B part 7 on page 6. Another pattern which is presented as part of the answer that we have to create is the usage of the conditional pattern (-tara) -たら. We are going to use it in a sentence which is given as an example of the question pattern. The sentence itself is a question pattern consisting on phrases connected using conjunction ‘desu ga’ which in this context is expressing a conditional sentence. The answer pattern will be shown in form of an example below :

Pattern                 :

Kanji                      : 。。。+ですが+。。。+「動詞―ん」              +「動詞―たら」          +。。。

Hiragana              : 。。。+ですが+。。。+「どうし―ん」            +「どうし―たら」         +。。。

Romaji                  : 。。。+desu ga+。。。+「doushi -n」          +「doushi -tara」       +。。。

Meaning              : 。。。+but, although+。。。+「verb -n」   +「verb -tara」            +。。。

Example               :

Kanji                      : 新しく広い家を買いたいんですがどこで探したらいいですか。

Hiragana              : あたらしくひろいいえをかいたいんですがどこでさがしたらいいですか。

Romaji                  : atarashiku hiroi ie wo kaitain desuga doko de sagashitara ii desuka.

Meaning              : i want to buy a new and spacious place to dwell, where is the best place to search for it ?

The above sample consists of two clause. One of the clause is a conditional clause which is using –tara (-たら)as a grammar pattern for expressing conditional statement. The clause in connected with ‘desu ga’ (ですが)which is a conjunction used to connect between two clause. We are also using verb –n pattern as a grammar context expressing spoken language used in a conversation which is classified as informal way to express something happened for some reasons.

First Clause         :

Kanji                      : 新しく広い家を買いたいんです

Hiragana              : あたらしくひろいいえをかいたいんです

Romaji                  : atarashiku hiroi ie wo kaitain desu

Meaning              : I want to buy a new and spacious place to dwell


As we can see in the above clause, we are also using verb -n as a form of casual conversation sentence.


Second Clause   :

Kanji                      : どこで探したらいいですか

Hiragana              : どこでさがしたらいいですか

Romaji                  : doko de sagashitara ii desuka

Meaning              : where is the best place to look at ?


Below are all of the answers of all the questions based on the above pattern by paying attention to the images or pictures presented in the questions. The full questions can be seen in Minna Nihongo book chapter 8 practice B part 5 page 68 :

1.Answer      :

Kanji                    : 歌舞伎を 見たいんですが どこで チケットを 買ったらいいですか。

Hiragana             : かぶきを みたいんですが どこで チケットを かったらいいですか。

Romaji                : Kabuki wo mitain desuga doko de chiketto wo kattara ii desuka.

Meaning            : I would like to watch Kabuki but if I buy the ticket where is the best place to buy it ?.



Kanji                   : 電話番号が わからないんですが どうやって 調べたら いいですか。

Hiragana            : でんしゃばんごが わからないんですが どうやって しらべたら いいです。

Romaji               : Denwa bango ga wakaranain desuga douyatte shirabetara ii desuka.

Meaning           : I don’t know the phone number so how is the best way to search it ?.



Kanji                   : 空港へ 友達を 迎えに 行きたいんですが 何で 行ったら いいですか。

Hiragana            : くうこうへ ともだちを むかえに いきたいんですが なんで いったら いいですか。

Romaji               : Kuukou e tomodachi wo mukae ni ikitain desuga nande ittara ii desuka.

Meaning           : I want to pick up my friend to the airport but If want to go what is the best thing to go with ?.



Kanji                   : ファックスは 故障なんですが どう したら いいですか。

Hiragana            : ファックスは こしょうなんですが どう したら いいですか。

Romaji               : Fakkusu wa koshou nan desuga dou shitara ii desuka ?.

Meaning           : The fax is broken so how is the best thing should I do ?.

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