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In this article, we are still presenting the usage of adjective on modifying noun. Based on the information and also picture which is displayed in Minna no Nihongo 1 book chapter 8 section B part 7 in page 68 we have to answer the question. But in this context we are using interrogative pronoun ‘dore’ which can be translated as ‘which one’. In form of conversation, there is a person whom ask which one is the item which is being discussed and the other person answer by using adjective describing the noun which is being pointed. By using the adjective as a modifier of the noun, the person whom ask will be aware of the item which is being pointed out as the answer. Below is the examples in form of question and answer pair as a simple conversation  :

Example               :

Kanji                      :



Hiragana              :



Romaji                  :

Tomodachi no tomaru hoteru wa dore desuka.

。。。ano takai tatemono desu。

Meaning              :

Which one is the hotel that your friend stay ?

。。。that tall building.

Dore (どれ)in the above example is an interrogative pronoun which is used to ask which one of the item is being discussed.

The answer is in the form of the item which is asked but it is modified with an adjective.

Below are all of the answers of all the questions based on the above pattern by paying attention to the images or pictures presented in the questions. The full questions can be seen in Minna Nihongo book chapter 8 practice B part 8 page 68 :


Kanji                     :

カリナさんの かばんは どれですか。

。。。この 赤いかばんです。

Hiragana            :

カリナさんの かばんは どれですか。

。。。この あかいかばんです。

Romaji               :

Karina –san no kaban wa dore desuka。

。。。kono akai kaban desu。

Meaning             :

Which one is Karina’s bag ?

。。。this red bag.


Kanji                   :

サントスさんの靴は どれですか。


Hiragana            :

サントスさんのくつは どれですか。


Romaji                 :

Santosu-san no kutsu wa dore desuka.

。。。sono shiroi kutsu desu.

Meaning             :

Which one is Santos’ shoes ?.

。。。that white shoes.


Kanji                   :

松本さんの 机は どれですか。

。。。あの大きい 机です。

Hiragana            :

まつもとさんの つくえは どれですか。

。。。あのおおきい つくえです。

Romaji               :

Matsumoto-san no tsukue wa dore desuka。

。。。ano ookii tsukue desu。

Meaning           :

Which one is Matsumoto’s desk ?。

。。。that large desk。


Kanji                   :

砂糖さんの うちは どれですか。

。。。あの 新しい うちです。

Hiragana            :

さとうさんの うちは どれですか。

。。。あの あたらしい うちです。

Romaji                 :

Satou-san no uchi wa dore desuka ?.

。。。ano atarashii uchi desu.

Meaning           :

Which one is Satou’s house ?.

。。。that new house.

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