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Another article containing how to ask whether an activity will be done or has been done in a certain day or in a specific time. In this article we are going to create an example in a form of question and will also give an answer based on the question. The question is created in order to ask if an activity is executed in the day’s name or in a specific time. In order to do that we have to remember day’s name and even a specific time marker. Based on several questions given in the problem shown in Shin Nihongo no Kiso I chapter 4 practice B part 4 on page 32, we will also give the answers in the article. The pattern is in a short conversation where the speaker ask a question asking about whether the activity will be executed or has already been executed in the day or in the specific time which is asked. Below is the pattern and also the example of the pattern :


Pattern :

Kanji       : 時間のマーカー・日の名前          + は + 動詞

Hiragana    : じかんのマーカー・ひのなまえ      + は +  どうし

Romaji      : jikan no ma-ka-・hi no namae     + wa +  doushi

Meaning     : do you do (verb・activity) at time marker・day’s name

Example :

Kanji       :



Hiragana    :



Romaji      :

Doyoubi eigakan de eiga wo mi ni ikimasuka ?

… Iie, mi ni ikmasen. Tada uchi de yasumimasu.

Meaning     :

Do you want to go to the cinema to watch a movie ?

… No, I am not. I just want to rest at home.


Another example :

Kanji       :



Hiragana    :



Romaji      :

Ashita shigoto no mensetsu no ukemasuka ?

… Hai, ukemasu.

Meaning     :

Tomorrow are you going to take the job interview ?

…Yes (I) will take it.

Based on the above pattern and example, we will discuss on the answer of the problems. The question is displayed in Shin Nihongo no Kiso I chapter 4 practice B part 5 on page 32. Below are the answers :

Kanji :

今晩 勉強しますか。


Hiragana :

こんばん べんきょうしますか。


Romaji :

Konban benkyoushimasuka?

…Hai, benkyou shimasu.

Meaning :

Tonight (will you) study?

…Yes, (I) will study.


Kanji :

土曜日 休みますか。


Hiragana :

どようび やすみますか。


Romaji :

Doyoubi yasumimasuka ?.

…Iie, yasumimasen.

Meaning :

Saturday is a holiday ?

… No, (it is) not a holiday.

3. Answer :

Kanji :

土曜日 働きますか


Hiragana :

どようび はたらきますか。


Romaji    :

Doyoubi hatarakimasuka ?.

… Hai, doyoubi ni hatarakimasu.

Meaning   :

Do you work at Saturday ?

… Yes (I) work.

4. Kanji :

日曜日 勉強しますか。

。。。 いいえ、勉強しません。

Hiragana  :

にちようび べんきょうしますか。


Romaji    :

Nichiyoubi benkyoushimasuka.

…Iie, benkyoushimasen.

Meaning   :

Do (you) study at Sunday ?

…No, (I) don’t study.

The complete question is displayed in Shin Nihongo no Kiso I chapter 4 practice B part 5 on page 32.

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