Japanese Shin Nihongo no Kiso I Answer Sheet Chapter 3 Practice B Part 7 Page 23

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This article also discussing on how to create a question which is trying to ask, to offer or to invite someone to do an activity together by using form  -masenka (-ませんか), which is a negative form followed by interrogative suffix ka‘(か’). We also use an additional vocabulary ‘isshoni’(一緒に) which can be translated as ‘together’. Below is the pattern :

Kanji            : 一緒に    + 動詞 「-ませんか」

Hiragana    : いっしょに     + どうし「-ませんか」

Romaji        : Isshoni         + doushi「-masenka 」

Meaning     : Together        + verb 「-masenka 」

We use conjugation ‘-masenka’ in a basic verb or a dictionary based form to create a question in order to offer, to invite or to ask someone to do something. Adding an ‘isshoni’ in front of the interrogative sentence indicate on doing the activity together.


Example :

Kanji            : 一緒に 自転車を 乗りませんか

Hiragana    : いっしょに じてんしゃを のりませんか

Romaji        : Isshoni jitensha wo norimasenka ?

Meaning     : Would you like to ride bicycle together ?


Based on the above sample, we can create an interrogative question using interrogative pronoun in order to ask the price of an item. But we will only giving you the answer as follows :


  1. Kanji

一緒に 写真を 撮りませんか。



いっしょに しゃしんを とりませんか。



Isshoni shashin wo torimasenka ?

…ee, torimashou.


Would you like to take a picture together ?

…yes, let’s take (it together).

  1. Kanji

一緒に お茶を 飲みませんか。



いっしょに おちゃを のみませんか。



Isshonii ocha wo nomimasenka ?

…ee, nomimashou.


Would you like to drink tea together ?

… yes, let’s drink (tea together).

  1. Kanji

一緒に 昼御飯を 食べませんか。



いっしょに ひるごはんを たべませんか。



Isshoni hiru gohan wo tabemasenka.

…ee, tabemashou.


Would you like to have lunch together ?

…yes, let’s eat (lunch together).

  1. Kanji

一緒に ピンポンを しませんか。



いっしょに ピンポンを しませんか。



Isshoni pinpon wo shimasenka ?

…ee, shimashou.


Would you like to play pingpong together ?

…yes, let’s play (pingpong together).

The complete question is displayed in Shin Nihongo no Kiso I chapter 3 practice B part 7 on page 23.

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