Japanese Shin Nihongo no Kiso I Answer Sheet Chapter 2 Practice B Section 6 Page 16

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This article is still concerning about the usage of particle no (の) to display possessive pronoun function. But it is emphasizing to ask the owner of the item which is informed by using particle no (の) and also ‘dare’which is shown within the previous article.

From the previous article, we can acquired the information that by using particle no (の), we can use it to explain the owner of an item. We will demonstrate a sample which is suitable to the problem in Shin Nihongo no Kiso I book chapter 2 practice B part 6 on page 16.

Besides particle no (の), we will also going to be showed by several demonstrative pronoun kono, sono and ano that point the item which is being asked whom the owner is.

 As we already knew, demonstrative kono, sono and ano is used depends on the the location of the item relative to the speaker and the listener which are discussing the item itself.

Below is the pattern :

Kanji       : 「この・その・あの」+ 名詞 +は+ 誰 +の+ですか

Hiragana    : 「この・その・あの」+ めいし+は+ だれ +の+ですか

Romaji      : 「kono | sono | ano」+ noun +wa+ dare +no+desuka

Meaning     : Whose (noun) is this ?

  The example of the pattern is :

Kanji       :

A : この雑誌は誰のですか

B : 鈴木さんのです。

Hiragana    :

A :このざっしはだれのですか

B :すずきさんのです

Romaji      :

A:Kono zasshi wa dare no desuka

B:Suzuki-san no desu

Meaning     :

A :Whose magazine is this ?

B :It is Suzuki’s.

The above example is asking whose the owner of the item magazine. The answer will be the owner of the magazine.

By using the above sample, we will use it to answer the question which is presented in Shin Nihongo no Kiso I book chapter 2. We will be displaying only the answer based on the problems. Please look at the book for the complete question.

  1. Hiragana    : アリさんのです。

Romaji      : Ari-san no desu.

Meaning     : It is Ari’s.


  1. Hiragana    : ラオさんのです。

Romaji      : Rao-san no desu.

Meaning     : It is Rao’s.

  1. Kanji       : 田中のです。

Hiragana    : たなかのです。

Romaji      : Tanaka no desu.

Meaning     : It is Tanaka’s.


  1. Kanji       : 加藤のです。

Hiragana    : かとうのです。

Romaji      : Katou no desu.

Meaning     : It is Katou’s.

  To see all the questions, please refer to the original Shin Nihongo no Kiso I book on chapter 2, practice B section 6.

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