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One of the important particle which is exist in Japanese language is particle no (の). It is a particle which is used to display of possessive pronoun function.

In this article, we will present a sample on the usage in order to express the possessive pronoun function in a sentence. It will be displayed in a form of paired question and answer suitable to the problem in Shin Nihongo no Kiso I book chapter 2 practice B part 3 on page 15. The answer will be displayed either in a positive answer or negative answer depends on the problems on the book.

Not only using particle no (の), but we will also use a demonstrative pronoun which is used before in the previous article. We will use demonstrative pronoun kore (これ) which is translated as this to point of the item or noun which is asked whom the one who own or possess it.

Below is the pattern : Positive Answer

Kanji A : これは 先生の教科書ですか。 B : はい、先生の教科書です。

Hiragana A : これは せんせいのきょうかしょですか。 B : はい、せんせいのきょうかしょです。

Romaji A : Kore wa sensei no kyoukasho desuka ? B : Hai, sensei no kyoukasho desu.

Meaning A : Is this teacher’s textbook ? B : Yes, teacher’s textbook.

Negative Answer

Kanji A : これは お姉さんの新規ですか。 B : いいえ、お姉さんの新規ではありません。

Hiragana A : これは おねえさんのしんきですか。 B : いいえ、おねえさんのしんきではありません。

Romaji A : Kore wa oneesan no shinki desuka ? B : Iie, oneesan no shinki dewa arimasen.

Meaning A : Is this your older sister’s novel ? B : No, it is not my older sister’s novel.

Below is the answer of the problems or exercises which is displayed in Shin Nihongo no Kiso I book chapter 2. We will be displaying only the answer whether it is a positive answer or negative one. Please look at the book for evaluation the question which is part of the problem.

1. Hiragana : はい、わたしのたばこです。

Romaji : Hai, watashi no tabako desu.

Meaning : Yes, (it is) my cigarette.

2. Hiragana : いいえ、わたしのラジオではありません。

Romaji : Iie, watashi no rajio dewa arimasen.

Meaning : No, (it is) not my radio.

3. Hiragana : はい、ラオさんのノートです。

Romaji : Hai, rao-san no no-to desu.

Meaning : Yes, (it is) not rao’s note.

4. Kanji : いいえ、先生の辞書ではありません。

Hiragana : いいえ、せんせいのじしょではありません.

Romaji : Iie, sensei no jisho dewa arimasen.

Meaning : No, (it is) not teacher’s dictionary.

To see all the questions, please refer to the original Shin Nihongo no Kiso I book on chapter 2, practice B section 3.

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