Japanese Shin Nihongo no Kiso I Answer Sheet Chapter 2 Practice B Section 1 Page 15

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In this article, we present a way to ask for a noun. To ask for a noun in a sentence, we can use a pronoun such as ‘kore’. It is a pronoun which can be translated as ‘this’. In this article, the usage of ‘kore’ which is asking for a certain noun is made into a short conversation. There are two kind of answer based on the question which is asked. The answer can be either an agreement or disagree about it.Below is the pattern :

For a positive answer Kanji

A       : これは 新規ですか。

B       : はい、そうです。新規です。


A       : これは しんきですか。

B       : はい、そうです。しんきです。


A       : Kore wa shinki desuka ?

B       : Hai, sou desu. Shinki desu.


A       : Is this a diary ?

B       : Yes, it is. (It is) a diary.

For a negative answer Kanji

A       : これは 日本語強化氏ですか。

B       : いいえ、そうでは ありません。日本語辞書です。


A       : これは にほんごきょうかしょですか

B       : いいえ、そうでは ありません。にほんごじしょです。


A       : Kore wa nihongo kyoukasho desuka.

B       : Iie, sou dewa arimasen. Nihongo jisho desu.


A       : Is this a Japanese textbook ?

B       : No, it isn’t. It is a Japanese dictionary.

There are certain rules using ‘kore’ in a sentence. The noun which is being asked must be in the area or location near the speaker or the one who is asking about the noun.

In Shin Nihongo no Kiso I book chapter 2, there are some exercises that can be used to practice on making a question on asking a certain noun. Below are the answer which is made from the question in practice B section 1 page 15.

1.Kanji           : はい、そうです。紙です。

Hiragana      : はい、そうです。かみです。

Romaji                  :  Hai, sou desu. Kami desu.

Meaning      :  Yes, it is. (It is) a paper.

2. Kanji           : いいえ、そうでは ありません。鞄です。

Hiragana      : いいえ、そうでは ありません。かばんです。

Romaji                  :  Iie, sou dewa arimasen. Kaban desu.

Meaning      :  No, it isn’t. (It is) a bag.

3. Kanji           : はい、そうです。テープレコーダです。

Romaji                  :  Hai, sou desu. Te-pu reko-da desu.

Meaning      :  Yes, it is. (It is) a tape recorder.

4. Kanji           :  いいえ、そうでは ありません。ドアーです。

Romaji                  :  Iie, sou dewa arimasen. Doa- desu.

Meaning      :  No, it isn’t. It is a door.

That is all of the answers based on the questions which is provided in the original Shin Nihongo no Kiso I book. Please refer to book to see the complete question on chapter 2, practice B section 1.

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