Japanese Shin Nihongo no Kiso I Answer Sheet Chapter 1 Practice B Part 7 Page 8

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The article discussed about informing age of a certain person. We have ways to inform the age of someone based on the questions which is being given. In Shin Nihongo no Kiso I chapter 1 page 8, the information is given from the same picture which is used in the previous article. Based on the questions which is given in the problem, we have to create the answer containing the information about age. Below are the pattern :

Questions : Formal Pattern :

Hiragana   : A-さん は おいくつですか

Romaji       : A-san wa oikutsu desuka ?

Meaning     : How old is A-san ?

Informal Pattern :

Kanji            : A-さん は 何歳ですか

Hiragana     : A-さん は なんさいですか

Romaji         : A-san wa nansai desuka ?

Meaning      : Hold old is A-san ?

Answer :
Answer Pattern :

Kanji            : 32歳です

Hiragana     : 32さいです

Romaji         : 32-sai

Meaning      : 32 years old.

For an example : Question

Kanji            : 小学校の日本語の先生はおいくつですか

Hiragana     : しょうがっこうのにほんごのせんせいはおいくつですか

Romaji         : Shougakkou no nihongo no sensei wa oikutsu desuka ?

Meaning       : How old is your Japanese language elementary school’s teacher ?


Kanji        : 59-歳です

Hiragana     : 59-さいです

Romaji       : 59-sai

Meaning      : 59 years old

Another Example Question

Kanji         : 幼稚園の弟は何歳ですか

Hiragana     : ようちえんのおとうとはなんさいですか

Romaji        : Youenchi no otouto wa nansai desuka ?

Meaning      : How old is your brother which in the kindergarten ?


Kanji          : 7-歳です

Hiragana     : 7-さいです

Romaji         : 7-sai (nana-sai)

Meaning       : 7 years old

Based on the above pattern, we will give the answer based on the questions which is shown in problem written in Shin Nihongo no Kiso I Chapter I Part 7 Page 8.

1. Kanji         : 22歳です

Hiragana      : 22さいです

Romaji        : 22-sai

Meaning       : 22 years old.

2. Kanji         : 24歳です

Hiragana      : 24さいです

Romaji        : 24-sai

Meaning : 24 years old.

3. Kanji         : 30歳です

Hiragana      : 30さいです

Romaji        : 30-sai

Meaning       : 30 years old.

4. Kanji         : 27歳です

Hiragana : 27さいです

Romaji : 27-sai

Meaning : 27 years old.

Until the next topic which is discussed another lesson based on Shin Nihongo No Kiso I book.

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