Japanese Shin Nihongo no Kiso I Answer Sheet Chapter 1 Practice B Part 6 Page 8

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In this article, we present another topic discussing on how to answer questions. The questions given asking about a person. In Shin Nihongo no Kiso I chapter 1 page 8 by also looking on the same picture which is used in the previous article, we have to create the answer to the given questions. The information which is used to create the questions has been provided and attached to the picture. The information that we are giving including name and also the origin or country where the person belongs. Below are the answer pattern :

Answer samples :

Hiragana / Katakana  :インドネシアのジョコさんです

Romaji                         :Indoneshia no Joko-san desu.

Meaning :Joko from Indonesia.

Hiragana                     :アメリカのマークさんです

Romaji                         :Amerika no Ma-ku-san desu.

Meaning                      :Mark from America.

Kanji                             :日本の黒沢さんです

Hiragana                     :にほんの.くろさわさんです

Romaji                         :Nihon no Kurosawa-san desu.

Meaning                      :Kurosawa from Japan.

Romaji                        :韓国のパークさんです

Hiragana                     :かんこくのパークさんです

Romaji                         :Kankoku no Pa-ku-san desu.

Meaning                      :Park from Korea.

Romaji                          :中国のミンさんです

Hiragana                     :ちゅうごくのミンさんです

Romaji                         :Chuugoku no Min-san desu.

Meaning                     :Min from China.

The question which is provided based on the book’s lesson :

Kanji                 : あの 人は  だれですか

Hiragana         : あの ひとは だれですか

Romaji             :  Ano hito wa dare desuka

Meaning          : Who is that person ?

Based on the pattern above, below are the answers in Shin Nihongo no Kiso I book chapter I page 8 part 6 about giving information by answering a question on a person.

1. Kanji              : 中国のハンさんです。

Hiragana         : ちゅうごくのハンさんです。

Romaji           : Chuugoku no Han desu.

Meaning         : It is Han from China.

2. Kanji : 韓国のキムさんです。

Hiragana : かんこくのキムさんです。

Romaji: Kankoku no Kimu-san desu.

Meaning: It is Kim from Korea.

3. Kanji              : フィリピンのマリオさんです。

Romaji           : Firipin no Mario-san desu。

Meaning         : It is Mario from Philippine.

4. Kanji              : 日本の加藤さんです。

Hiragana         : にほんのかとうさんです。

Romaji           : Nihon no katou-san desu.

Meaning         : It is Katou from Japan.

Complete problems can be acquired in Shin Nihongo no Kiso I book chapter I part 6 practice B page 8. All of the answers is made based on the above pattern. Please buy  the original Shin Nihongo no Kiso I book to see further explanation.

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