Japanese Shin Nihongo no Kiso I Answer Sheet Chapter 1 Practice B Part 2 Page 7

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Shin Nihongo No Kiso I Chapter 1 Practice B Part 2 Page 7


In this article, we are going to simulate on how to give a positive answer based

on the question which is presented in the problem. To give a positive answer

based on the question, below are the pattern :




We give an answer which is spelled as‘hai’ that means yes. It is an answer that is given for an agreement for the subject or matter which is being stated or being asked in the question. It means the person which is being questioned said yes, it is true or yes, what the thing that you asked is right.


For an example we will be giving a question below :

Kanji        : このカメラは日本製ですか

Hiragana : このカメラはにほんせいですか

Romaji     : Kono Kamera wa nihonsei desuka.

Meaning  : Is this camera Japanese-made ?


The positive answer will be shown below :

Kanji         : はい、日本製です

Hiragana  : はい、にほんせいです。

Romaji      : Hai, nihonsei desu.

Meaning   : Yes, Japanese-made.


In Shin Nihongo no Kiso I book, there are some exercises that can be used to practice on making a positive answers based on the questions which is being given. Below are the answers which is made from the question in page 7.


1.     Kanji        : はい、インド人です

Hiragana : はい、インドじんです

Romaji     : Hai, Indo-jin desu.

Meaning  : Yes, (He is) an Indian.

2.    Kanji        : はい、タイ人です

Hiragana : はい、タイじんです

Romaji     : Hai, Tai-jin desu.

Meaning  : Yes, (He is) a Thai.


3.    Kanji        : はい、研修生です。

Hiragana : はい、けんしゅうせいです

Romaji     : Hai, kenshuusei desu.

Meaning  : Yes, (Everyone is) trainee.

4.     Kanji       : はい、先生です。

Hiragana : はい、せんせいです

Romaji     : Hai, sensei desu.

Meaning  : Yes, (He / She is) a teacher.


The above all are the answers which is given in a positive form. All of the sentences are the answers of the questions which is given in the problems in Shin Nihongo no Kiso I book page 7, practice B chapter 1.


To view the exact problems or the real questions, please buy the original Shin Nihongo no Kiso I. But from the answers which is given above, we can slightry try to guess what kind of questions that may arise to suit the answers.






























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