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We will discuss how to use particle で in this article to point out a means or a way which is used to do or to finish an activity. We will display an example and also answers for the question which is presented in Minna no Nihongo book chapter 7 practice B part one. The question which is given are pictures of the activity and also means, tools which is used to do the activity.

We are going to present an example similar to the answer and also thepattern :

Pattern :

Kanji                :術・道具        +で+活動

Hiragana        :すべ・どうぐ     +で+かつどう

Romaji            : sube / dougu +de+katsudou

Meaning         : means, way / tools, instruments +de+activity

Example :

Kanji                      : 新幹線で旅行のために仙台へ行きます。

Hiragana              :しんかんせんでりょこうのためにせんだいへいきます。

Romaji                  :shinkansen de ryokou no tame ni sendai e ikimasu.

Meaning              :I go to Sendai for a trip using bullet train (shinkansen).

The above example has particle で within the sentence. This particle is mainly used to describe with what means or how the subject do the activity specified in the sentence.

Below are all of the answers of all the questions based on the above pattern. We can see the full questions in Minna Nihongo book chapter 7 practice B part 1 page 59 :

1. Answer

Kanji                   : ボールペン・ペン・万年筆 で 手紙を書きます。

Hiragana            :ボールペン・ペン・まんねんひつ で てがみをかきます。

Romaji               : bo-rupen / pen / mannenhitsu de tegami wo kakimasu.

Meaning           :(I) write a letter with a ballpoint / pen / fountain pen.

2. Answer

Kanji                   :ファックスでレポートを送ります。

Hiragana            :ファックスでレポートをおくります。

Romaji               : Fakkusu de repo-to wo okurimasu.

Meaning           :(I) send the report by fax (facsimile).

3. Answer

Kanji                   :鋏で紙を切ります。

Hiragana            :はさみでかみをきります。

Romaji               : Hasami de kami wo kirimasu.

Meaning           :(I) cut the paper using scissors.

4. Answer

Kanji                   :手で御飯を食べます。

Hiragana            :てでごはんをたべます。

Romaji               : te de gohan wo tabemasu.

Meaning           :(I) eat rice / meal using (my) hand.

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