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The article contains about how to inform with whom the speaker go or went to a specific place by completing the questions which is formed from a simple conversation. With the usage of dare to(だれと). , we can use it to ask with whom the person is going or with whom that the speaker went with. In chapter 5 page 49 in Minna no Nihongo, we have to make an interrogative sentence based on the question which is given using dare to(だれと) . The book will provide the location and also the person whom the subject or the speaker go or went with.  Based on that, we have to make an interrogative sentence and also provide the suitable answer based on that interrogative sentence. To view the complete question, please buy the original Minna no Nihongo book.

Below is the pattern of the sentence :

Interactive Question

Kanji         : 誰と + 「場祖」 へ 行きますか

Hiragana : だれと + 「ばしょ」へ いきますか

Romaji     : Dareto + 「Basho」 へ ikimasuka

Meaning  : With whom + go to 「Location」

Possible Answer

Kanji         : あの人と「場所」へ行きます

Hiragana : あのひとと「ばしょ」へいきます

Romaji     : Ano hito to 「basho」 e ikimasu

Meaning  : (I)go to 「location」 with that person.

Where location can be a specific location like school, hospital, name of place like Tokyo, Mount Fuji or Narita Airport, etc.

For an example :

Question :

Kanji         : 誰と遊園地へいきますか

Hiragana : だれとゆうえんちへいきますか

Romaji     : Dare to yuuenchi e ikimasuka

Meaning  : With whom do you go to the amusement park ?

Answer :

Kanji         : 甥と遊園地へ行きます

Hiragana : おいとゆうえんちへいきます

Romaji     : Oi to yuuenchi e ikimasu

Meaning  : I go to the amusement park with my nephew.

Below are the answers from the question which is stated in book :

1.  Question :

Kanji         : 誰と 大阪城 へ 行きますか

Hiragana : だれと おおさかじゅう へ いきますか

Romaji     : Dare to oosakajyou e ikimasuka

Meaning  : With whom do (you) go to Oosaka Castle ?

Answer :

Kanji         : 彼女と 大阪城 へ 行きます。

Hiragana : かのじょと おおさかじょ へ いきます。

Romaji     : Kanojo to Oosakajo e ikimasu.

Meaning  : I go to Oosaka Castle with her.

2. Question :

Kanji         : 誰と 広島 へ 行きますか

Hiragana : だれと ひろしま へ いきますか

Romaji     : Dareto Hiroshima e ikimasuka

Meaning  : With whom do (you) go to Hiroshima ?

Answer :

Kanji         : 会社の人と 広島へ 行きます。

Hiragana : かいしゃのひとと ひろしまへ いきます。

Romaji     : Kaisha no hito to Hiroshima e ikimasu.

Meaning  : (I) go to Hiroshima with person from the company.

3. Question :

Kanji         : 誰と フランス へ 行きますか

Hiragana : だれと フランス へ いきますか

Romaji     : Dareto furansu e ikimasuka

Meaning  : With whom do (you) go to France ?

Answer :

Kanji         : 家族と フランス へ 行きます。

Hiragana : かぞくと フランス へ いきます。

Romaji     : Kazoku to furansu e ikimasu.

Meaning  : (I) go to France with my family.

4. Question :

Kanji         : 誰と 病院へ 行きますか。

Hiragana : だれと びょういんへ いきますか。

Romaji     : Dareto byouin e ikimasuka.

Meaning  : With whom do (you) go to the hospital ?

Answer :

Kanji         : 一人で 病院へ 行きます。

Hiragana : ひとりで びょういんへ いきます。

Romaji     : Hitori de byouin e ikimasu.

Meaning  : (I) go by myself to the hospital.

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