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In this article we will discuss on several questions displayed in Minna no Nihongo Chapter 6 in section practice A part two page 54. The question is displayed in a series of activity in the form of images. Those images are activities done by Mira, the subject who does the activity. There are also several time markers which mark the start and also the end of each activity.

We can create sentence describing activities which is done as a habitual action or as a daily routines. Below is one of the example :

Kanji                      : 毎日月曜日から金曜日まで6時半に家から会社へしごとに行きます。

Hiragana         : まいにちげつようびからきんようびまで6じはんにうちからかいしゃへしごとにいきます。

Romaji                  : Mai nichi getsuyoubi kara kinyoubi made 6ji han ni uchi kara kaisha e shigoto ni ikimasu.

Meaning              : Every day from Monday until Friday I go to work from (my) house to the office.

The above sentence explains an activity which is start or begin in a specific time by using particle に (ni) . The particle followed the time which indicated to be the initial or the beginning of the activity.

The other example is shown below which describes an interval time of an activity by using particle から (kara) and particle まで (made). The initial time when the activity starts is followed by particle から and it can be translated as ‘from’. The other particle, まで is a particle which can be used to indicate the end point time or the time when that activity finishes. It can be translated as ‘until’. Below is the example in a form of a sentence :

Kanji                      : あの人は毎日6時から6時半まで公園で自転車を乗ります。

Hiragana              : あのひとはまいにち6じから6じはんまでこうえんでじてんしゃをのります。

Romaji                  : Ano hito wa mai nichi 6ji kara 6ji han made kouen de jitensha wo norimasu.

Meaning              : That man rides bicycle every day from 6 o’clock until 6.30 o’clock at the park.

The above sentence has a pattern shown below :


Kanji                      :  Aは「X」から「Y」まで +。。。をします。(活動)

Hiragana              :  Aは「X」から「Y」まで +。。。をします。(かつどう)

Romaji                  :     A wa「X」kara「Y」made +。。。wo shimasu。(katsudou)

Meaning               :     A from 「X」 until 「Y」 + do 。。。。(activity)

We have to answer questions or simply fulfill the blanks to make a correct sentences based on the images displayed in the book. The answers displayed in a full sentence as follows :

1. Kanji :

ミラーさんは 朝 7時に 朝御飯を 食べます。

Hiragana :

ミラーさんは あさ 7じに あさごはんを たべます。

Romaji :

Mira-san wa asa 7 ji ni gohan wo tabemasu.

Meaning :

Mira has/eat her breakfast at 7 o’clock in the morning.

2. Kanji :

昼休みは 12時から 1時まで 昼御飯を食べます。

Hiragana            :

ひるやすみは 12じから 1じまで ひるごはんをたべます。

Romaji               :

Hiru yasumi wa 12 ji kara 1 ji made hiru gohan wo tabemasu.

Meaning           :

Lunch break starts at 12 o’clock until 1 o’clock (Mira)has / eat (her) lunch.

3. Kanji :

会社は 5時に 終わります。

Hiragana            :

かいしゃは 5じに おわります。

Romaji               :

Kaisha wa 5 ji ni owarimasu.

Meaning           :

Work finishes at 5 o’clock.

4. Kanji :

ミラーさんは 6時に会社らかうちに着きます。

Hiragana            :

ミラーさんは 6じにかいしゃからうちにつきます。

Romaji               :

Mira-san wa 6ji ni kaisha kara uchi ni tsukimasu.

Meaning           :

Mira arrieves at home from the office at 6 o’clock.

5. Kanji :

ミラーさんは 8時から  10時まで 本を読みます。

Hiragana            :

ミラーさんは 8じから 10じまで ほんをよみます。

Romaji               :

Mira-san wa 8ji kara 10ji made hon yomimasu.

Meaning          :

Mira read book from 8 o’clock to 10 o’clock.

To see for a full and complete questions primarily the image series displaying continuous activities presented by Mira please look in Minna no Nihongo Chapter 6 Practice A Part 2 in page 54.

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