Japanese Minna no Nihongo Answer Sheet Chapter 6 Practice B Part 7 Page 50

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The question which is exist in Minna no Nihongo book chapter 6 part seven is all about extending or stating an invitation to do an activity to other person in an interrogative sentence. This article will give answers based on those question. We will use the form or pattern of‘。。。ませんか’as an interrogative question for asking someone to do an activity together.

We will giving an example of that question which is displayed as shown below with the suitable pattern :

Pattern :

Kanji                       :一緒に            +           。。。                 + 動詞  「。。。ませんか」

Hiragana              :いっしょに        +           。。。                 + どうし 「。。。ませんか」

Romaji                  :isshoni           +           。。。                 + doushi  「。。。masenka 」

Meaning               :together        +           。。。                 + verb      「。。。masenka 」

For the example :


Question             : 一緒に料理を作りませんか。

Answer                : 。。。ええ、作りましょう。


Question             : いっしょにりょうりをしませんか。

Answer                : 。。。ええ、しましょう。

Romaji  :

Question             : Isshoni ryouri wo shimasenka.

Answer                : … ee, shimashou.

Meaning :

Question             : Would you like to cook together ?

Answer                : … Yes, let’s cook.

  Below are all of the answers of all the questions based on the pattern. We can see the full questions in Minna Nihongo book chapter 6 practice B part 7 page 50 :

1. Answer

Kanji                   :

いっしょに 御飯を食べませんか。


Hiragana            :

いっしょに ごはんをたべませんか。


Romaji               :

Isshoni gohan wo tabemasenka ?

… ee, tabemashou.

Meaning           :

Would you like to eat (have a meal) together ?

… Yes, let’s eat.

2. Answer

Kanji                   :



Hiragana    :



Romaji       :

Isshoni ko-hi- wo nomimasenka ?

… ee, nomimashou.

Meaning           :

Would you like to drink coffee together ?.

.. Yes, let’s drink.

3. Answer

Kanji                   :



Hiragana            :



Romaji               :

Isshoni eiga wo mimasenka ?.

… ee, mimashou.

Meaning           :

Would you like to watch television together ?.

… Yes, let’s watch.

4. Answer

Hiragana            :


Romaji               :

Isshoni tenisu wo shimasenka ?

… ee, shimashou.

Meaning           :

Would you like to play tennis together ?

… Yes, let’s play

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