Japanese Minna no Nihongo Answer Sheet Chapter 6 Practice B Part 3 Page 49

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Focus of this article is to create an interrogative sentence based on the predicate and the object which is being given in the question. With the verb as the predicate, we can make an interrogative question and also provide the correct answer based on the object which is also being provided in the question. Through chapter 6 practice B part C page 49 in Minna no Nihongo, we will give an answer based on the in an appropriate sentence on the question. The answer will be in a conversation pattern or it can be more likely to state is as paired of question answer built in a conversation. To view the complete question, please buy the original Minna no Nihongo book.

We will giving an example to give a general description about how to answer the question. Below is the example of the question and also the answer :

Question :

Kanji: 書きます・手紙

Hiragana: かきます・てがみ

Romaji: Kakimasu | Tegami

Meaning: Writing     | Letter

Answer :


A :何を 書きますか

B :手紙を 書きます


A :なにを かきますか

B :てがみを かきます


A :Nani wo kakimasuka

B :Tegami wo kakimasu


A :What are you writing ?

B :I am writing a letter.

Below are all of the answers of all the questions. We can see the full questions in Minna Nihongo book chapter 6 practice B part 3 page 49 :



何を 勉強しますか

。 。。。日本語を 勉強します。


なにを べんきょうしますか。

。。。にほんごを べんきょうします。


Nani o benkyoushimasuka.

… Nihongo wo benkyoushimasu.


What are you studying ?.

I am studying Japanese language.



何を 飲みますか。


Hiragana            :

なにを のみますか。

。。。こうちゃを のみます。

Romaji               :

Nani wo nomimasuka.

… Koucha wo nomimasu.

Meaning           :

What are you drinking ?.

I am drinking .


Kanji                   :

何を 食べましたか。

。。。魚を 食べました。

Hiragana            :

なにを たべましたか。

。。。さかなを たべました。

Romaji               :

Nani wo tabemashitaka ? .

… Sakana wo tabemashita.

Meaning           :

What did you eat ?.

I ate fish.


Kanji                   :


。。。雑誌とCD を 買いました。

Hiragana            :

なにを かいましたか。

。。。ざっしとCDを かいました。

Romaji               :

Nani wo kaimashitaka.

… Zasshi to CD wo kaimashita.

Meaning           :

What did you buy ?.

…I bought magazine and CD.

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