Japanese Minna no Nihongo Answer Sheet Chapter 6 Practice B Part 1 Page 49

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The article as shown below is about creating sentence based on the image which is being presented in the problems. We have to make a sentence contains an activity which is being performed in the image. Through chapter 6 practice B part 1 page 49 in Minna no Nihongo, we will give the answer in an appropriate sentence based on the image. To view the complete question or the image, please buy the original Minna no Nihongo book.


Kanji                   : 水を飲みます.

Hiragana            :みずをのみます。

Romaji               :   Mizu wo nomimasu.

Meaning           :(I) drink water.


Kanji                   : タバコを吸います。

Hiragana            :タバコをすいます。

Romaji               :Tabako wo suimasu.

Meaning           :(I) smoke cigarette.


Kanji                   :手紙を書きます。

Hiragana            :てがみをかきます。

Romaji               :Tegami wo kakimasu.

Meaning           :(I) write letter.


Kanji                   :写真を取ります。

Hiragana            :しゃしんをとります。

Romaji               :Shashin wo torimasu.

Meaning           :(I) take picture.

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