Japanese Language Lesson Minna no Nihongo Chapter 2 Section B Part 7 Page 18

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This is an article which is imposing the usage of demonstrative by using interrogative sentence through the problem in chapter 2 page 18 in Minna no Nihongo book. That demonstrative is combined by using to confirm the owner of the item or the noun. The book itself is used as a learning material for a beginner in order to study Japanese language. To see the problems, please buy the original Minna no Nihongo book. Besides the usage of demonstrative このin the question form, this practice is actually can be used to learn how to give the possible answer based on the question.

Format :


Where A is the item or the noun which is being pointed.

Where B is the possible owner of the item which is being asked.

Possible answer :

If it is yes : はい、Bのです

If it is no: いいえ、Bのじゃありません

1. この机はワンさんのですか。


Hiragana :



Romaji :

Kono tsukue wa Wan-san no desuka?

Iie, Wan-san no jya arimasen.

Meaning :

Is this wan’s desk ?

No, it isn’t Wan’s.

2. このカメラはサントスさんのですか。


Romaji :

Kono kamera wa Santosu-san no desuka?

Hai, Santosu-san no kamera desu.

Meaning :

Is this Santos’s camera ?.

Yes, it is Santos’s.

3. このかさは佐藤さんのですか


Hiragana :



Romaji :

Kono kasa wa satou-san no desuka.

Hai, Satou-san no desu.

Meaning :

Is this satou’s umbrella ?

Yes, it is satou’s.


    。。。いいえ、ワットさんのじゃありません。 Hiragana : このてちょうはワットさんのですか。 。。。いいえ、ワットさんのじゃありません。

Romaji :

Kono techou wa Watto-san no desuka.

Iie, Watto-san no jyaarimasen.

                   Meaning : Is this Watt’s notebook/memo pad? No, It isn’t Watt’s.

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