Japanese Language Lesson Minna no Nihongo 2 Chapter 26 Problem Section Part 7

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Japanese Language Lesson using Minna no Nihongo 2 Book on Chapter 26 Problem Section Part 7 in Page 9

In this japanese lesson which is taken from problems given in Minna no Nihongo 2 chapter 26 problem section part 6 on page 9 by answering it, we can actually learn some Japanese language grammar pattern. The problems are in form of paired questions and answers. We have to choose the most suitable Japanese vocabulary to fill in to complete the problems. But not only that, we have to choose between two types of Japanese grammar given in the example.  We have choose the right vocabulary and grammar pattern to build the correct full sentence.



お帰りなさい。宇宙はどうでしたか。船の 外は 怖くなかったですか。宇宙船の 中は 狭くて、いろいろな 機械が ありますが、食事は 別の 部屋で するんですか。シャワーをあびることは できるんですか。宇宙は いつも くらいですが、朝と 夜は どうやって わかるんですか。時間は 日本や アメリカの 時間じゃなくて、宇宙時間を 使うんですか。

僕も 宇宙飛行士に なりたいんですが、どんな 勉強を したら いいですか。教えて ください。

Hiragana              :



おかえりなさい。うちゅうはどうでしたか。ふねの そとは こわくなかたったですか。うちゅうせんの なかは せまくて、いろいろな きかいが ありますが、しょくじは べつの へやで するんですか。シャワーをあびることは できるんですか。うちゅうは いつも くらいですが、あさと よるは どうやってわかるんですか。じかんは にほんや アメリカの じかんじゃなくて、うちゅうじかんを つかうんですか。

ぼくも うちゅうひこうしに なりたいんですが、どんな べんきょうを したら いいですか。 おしえて ください。

Romaji                  :

Denshi Me-ru de

Doi Takao sama

Okaerinasai. Uchuu wa dou deshitaka. Fune no soto wa kowakunakatta desuka. Uchuusen no naka wa semakute, iro iro na kikai ga arimasuga, shokuji wa betsu no heya de surun desuka. Shawa- wo abiru koto wa dekirundesuka. Uchuu wa itsumo kurai desuga, asa to yoru wa douyatte wakarundesuka. Jikan wa nihon ya amerika no jikan jyanakute, uchuu jikan wo tsukaun desuka.

Boku wa uchuu hikoushi ni naritaindesuga, donna benkyou shitara ii desuka. Oshiete kudasai.

Meaning              :


To Mr. Doi Takao

Welcome back. How was the space ?. Wasn’t terrifying outside the ship ?. It is cramped inside the ship, lots of machines are there, do you do your meal in the other room ?. Is taking a shower is a thing that can be done ?. The space is always dark, how do you know if it is morning and night ?. The time is not Japanese or America, do you use space time ?.

I want to become a ship pilot, what kind of study which is the best thing to do?. Please tell me.


For further reference, the person which is called Doi Takao exists in real-life. The person who sent this letter is may also exist or  just a fiction solely created for the sake of the passage. But Doi Takao is a living person and he is a Japanese austronaut and a veteran of two NASA space shuttle mission. You can try to search him by typing his name with Google search engine or any other search engines you prefer and you will find detailed information about him.

After reading the passage, we have to answer some questions. Below is all the answers of questions which is given. The questions is in a statement which is needed for us to be able to decide whether the statement itself is true or false according the passage which is given above.


Kanji                   :

土井さんは 宇宙へ 行って、宇宙船の 外へ 出ました。

Hiragana            :

どいさんは うちゅうへ いって、うちゅうせんの そとへ でました。

Romaji               :

Doi-san wa uchuu e itte, uchuusen no soto e demashita。

Meaning           :

Mr. Doi go to space, (he) got out of the spaceship。

Answer              :  False

We cannot be sure about the truth of the statement given in the first question. It is can be predicted that it is true that he is the pilot of a spaceship since the letter mention the intention of the sender of the letter that someday he or she wants to be a spaceship pilot.

In the case of Doi Takao went out the spaceship doesn’t even mentioned in the passage. So, the answer is false.  We just give and fill the bracket which is associated with the question with the X sign mark.


Kanji                   :

電子メールを 送った 人は 宇宙に ついて 研究しています。

Hiragana            :

でんしメールを おくった ひとは うちゅうに ついて けんきゅうしています。

Romaji               :

Denshi me-ru wo okutta hito wa uchuu ni tsuite kenkyuu shite imasu.

Meaning              :

The person who sent the email is researching about the space。

Answer                                : False

The answer for this question is also false. We can summarize it in the second paragraph of the passage.  The sender of the letter is not researching about space, this person just have an interest to be a spaceship pilot one day, so he or she asks for an advice about what kind of thing that the person should study in order to be a spaceship pilot.

All of the questions and also the passage relates to the question is displayed in Minna no Nihongo 2 Chapter 26 problem section part 7 on page 9.


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