Japanese Language Lesson Minna no Nihongo 1 Chapter 9 Additional Section Part 6

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Japanese Language Lesson Minna no Nihongo 1 Chapter 9 Additional Section Part 6

In this article, description concerning the usage of particle ‘kara’ and the understanding of sentence created in Japanese language as part of the question is being tested in Minna no Nihongo 1 book chapter 9 Additional Section Part 6 in page 79. The question is in form of unfinished sentence ended with particle ‘kara’. These unfinished sentences must be completed by choosing one correct clause which is provided from several clauses as option’s answers.

The focus on this article is the usage of particle ‘kara’. It is actually being able to choose the right clause as the correct pair of the other part of sentence which is provided as the main question. Since particle ‘kara’ is the right particle used to express a reason or a cause for something the whole sentence in a complete form must be correlate one part to another.  Below is the pattern mentioned :

Hiragana : 。。。(1) から 。。。(2)
Romaji : 。。。(1) から 。。。(2)
Meaning : 。。。(1) から 。。。(2)


(1):This is the first part of the sentence given as part of the question

(2):This is the second part of the sentence which is selected from the available option’s answer.

To be able to choose the correct part of sentence as in no. 2, the first part sentence in no. 1 must be examined first so that both part will have the right correlation.

The example can be found in  Minna no Nihongo 1 chapter 9 Additional Section Part 6, below are all of the answers of all the questions which can be seen on it :



Kanji                   :

テニスが 好きですから( 毎週 します )。

Hiragana            :

テニスが すきですから( まいしゅう します )。

Romaji               :

Tenisu ga suki desu kara ( maishuu shimasu )。

Meaning             :

Because I love tenis, I do it every week.




Kanji                   :

寒いですから、熱い コーヒーを 飲みます。

Hiragana            :

さむいですから、あつい コーヒーを のみます。

Romaji                 :

Samui desu kara, atsui ko-hi- wo nomimasu.

Meaning             :

Because it is cold, (I) drink hot coffee。




Kanji                      :

お金が ありませんから、何も 買いません。

Hiragana              :

おかねが ありませんから、なにも かいません。

Romaji  :

Okane ga arimasen kara, nani mo kaimasen。

Meaning              :

Because (I) don’t have any money, (I) don’t buy anything。




Kanji                   :

あしたは 日曜日ですから、銀行は 休みです。

Hiragana            :

あしたは にちようびですから、ぎんこうは やすみです。

Romaji               :

Ashita wa nichiyoubi desu kara, ginkou wa yasumi desu。

Meaning           :

Because tomorrow is Sunday, the bank is closed (off)。


The full question which consists of several numbers can be seen completely in Minna no Nihongo 1 Chapter 9 Additional Section 6 on page 79.

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