Japanese Language Lesson Minna no Nihongo 1 Book Chapter 9 Section B Part 1

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Japanese Language Lesson using Minna no Nihongo 1 Book on Chapter 9 Section B Part 1 in Page 75

There is a certain grammar on this article to be discussed. It is about how to ask preference of some item or matter. The preference is whether the subject like the item or the matter or not. It is displayed in Minna no Nihongo 1 book chapter 9 section B part 1 in page 75 where we have to answer the question regarding the grammar. Below is the examples of the question which is displayed in the book to give a further understanding to answer the question and using the grammar pattern :

Example               :

Kanji                      :



Hiragana              :



Romaji                  :

Oneesan wa nihon dorama ga suki desuka.

。。。hai, daisuki desu。

Meaning              :

Does your older sister like Japanese drama?

。。。yes, (she) like it a lot.

In the above example, the grammar pattern which is going to be discussed is ‘ga suki’. In the above context, it is modified into an interrogative sentence asking whether subject like a certain item or matter or not and the focus of it is in noun. It is also natural that in general the answer could be like or dislike. Below is the grammar pattern :

Kanji : 主語 + + 名詞 + + 好き + ですか
Hiragana : しゅご + + めいし + + すき + ですか
Romaji : shugo + wa + meishi + ga + suki + desuka
Meaning : subject + particle wa + noun + particle ga + like + desuka

Based on the above example and patterns, below are all of the answers of all the questions which can be seen in Minna Nihongo book chapter 9 practice B part 1 page 75 :


Kanji                   :

ミラーさんは 日本料理が 好きですか。


Hiragana            :

ミラーさんは にほんりょうりが すきですか。


Romaji               :

Mira-san wa nihon ryouri ga suki desuka。

。。。hai, suki desu。

Meaning             :

Does Mira like Japanese cooking ?

。。。yes, (she) like (it).


Kanji                   :


。。。いいえ、あまり 好きじゃ ありません。

Hiragana            :


。。。いいえ、あまり すきじゃ ありません。

Romaji                 :

Mira-san wa karaoke ga suki desuka.

。。。Iie, amari suki jya arimasen.

Meaning             :

Does Mira like karaoke ?.

。。。No, she doesn’t like (it) much.


Kanji                   :



Hiragana            :



Romaji               :

Mira-san wa ryokou ga suki desuka。

。。。hai, totemo suki desu。

Meaning           :

Does Mira like travelling ?。

。。。yes, she loves it so much。


Kanji                   :


。。。いいえ、あまり好きじゃ ありません。

Hiragana            :


。。。いいえ、あまりすきじゃ ありません。

Romaji                 :

Mira- san wa sakana ga suki desuka?.

。。。iie, amari suki jya arimasen.

Meaning           :

Does Mira like fish ?.

。。。no, she doesn’t like (it) that much.



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