Japanese Language Book Shin Nihongo no Kiso 1 Chapter 12 Section B Part 6 in Page 98

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Another article about the degree of an adjective. The main difference is in this article, the focus is mainly asking the object which is possessing the most of an adjective. For an example, the most expensive, the largest, the tallest, etc. There is a vocabulary which is translated as ‘the most’ in Japanese language. That vocabulary is spelled as ‘ichiban’. The focus of the grammar pattern in this article is to be able to create an interrogative question to ask which object has the most characteristics described by the adjective. Moreover, the problems or the questions available in Chapter 12 Section B Part 4 in page 97 also has an example as the answer pattern for answering it. So, below is the grammar pattern for answering the problems and also an example using it :

Pattern :

Kanji : Aで









Hiragana : Aで









Romaji : A de dochira ・doko ・ nani Ga ichiban keiyoushi desuka
Meaning : Among A, which one is with the best (adjective) ? .

So, using the above pattern, the following are the example of the sentences :

Kanji :



Hiragana :



Romaji :

Kazoku de dare ga ichiban takai desuka.

… chichi ga ichiban takai desu.

Meaning :

Among your family member, who is the tallest ?

… My father is the tallest one.


Using the grammar pattern and also the example above, the following is the answer sheet as a reference for the problems or questions exist in Shin Nihongo no Kiso I Chapter 12 Section B Part 6 in page 98 :

  1. Answer :Kanji :果物で 何が 一番 好きですか。。。。りんごが 一番 好きです。

    Hiragana :

    くだもので なにが いちばん すきですか。

    。。。りんごが いちばん すきです。

    Romaji :

    Kudamono de nani ga ichiban suki desuka ?.

    … ringo ga ichiban suki desu.

    Meaning :

    Among all fruit, what fruit do you like the most ?.

    … (I) like apple the most.

  2. Answer :Kanji :クラスで だれが 一番 若いですか。。。。ナロンさんは 一番 若いです。

    Hiragana :

    クラスで だれが いちばん わかいですか。

    。。。ナロンさんは いちばん わかいです。

    Romaji :

    Kurasu de dare ga ichiban wakai desuka ?.

    …  Naron-san wa ichiban wakai desu.

    Meaning :

    In the clas, who is the youngest one ?

    …  Naron is the youngest one.

  3. Answer :Kanji :あなたの 国で いつが 一番 暑いですか。。。。8月は 一番 暑いです。

    Hiragana :

    あなたの くにで いつが いちばん あついですか。

    。。。8がつは いちばん あついです。

    Romaji :

    Anata no kuni de itsu ga ichiban atsui desuka ?.

    … Hachigatsu wa ichiban atsui desu.

    Meaning :

    In your country, when is the most hot ?.

    … August is the most hot.

  4. Answer :Kanji :日本で どこが 一番 きれいですか。。。。京都が いちばん きれいです。

    Hiragana :

    にほんで どこが いちばん きれいですか。

    。。。きょうとが いちばん きれいです。

    Romaji :

    Nihon de doko ga ichiban kirei desuka ?.

    … Kyouto ga ichiban kirei desu.

    Meaning :

    In Japan, where is the most beautiful ? . (Where is the most beautiful part in Japan ?)

    … Kyoto is the most beautiful (place).

  5. Answer :Kanji :見学で どこが 一番 よかったですか。。。。名古屋自動車が 一番 よかったです。

    Hiragana :

    けんがくで どこが いちばん よかったですか。

    。。。なごやじどうしゃが いちばん よかったです。

    Romaji :

    Kengaku de doko ga ichiban yokatta desuka ?.

    … Nagoya jidousha ga ichiban yokatta desu.

    Meaning :

    Among the place in field trip, where is the best one ?

    … Nagoya Car is the best.

All of the above are the answer which is the possible one for the problems exist in Shin Nihongo no Kiso I Chapter 12 Section B Part 6 in page 98.

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