Japanese Language Book Shin Nihongo no Kiso 1 Chapter 11 Section B Part 6 in Page 90

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This is an article where the main focus is to answer to a specific type of question in Shin Nihongo no Kiso I book. The answer pattern also given along with the question. Actually, the question sheet is available in Chapter 11 Section B Part 6 in page 90.  Just answer the question by adding the answer pattern to the question given. This article also containing how to answer the question sheet about jyosuushi or counter suffix as additional information. It is to give information about the activity. The following is that grammar pattern :

Pattern :

Kanji : 数・数字 + 助数詞 動詞
Hiragana : めいし・すうじ + じょすうし どうし
Romaji : wo kazu ・suuji + jyosuushi doushi
Meaning : wo particle number + counter suffix verb


Example :

Kanji : 普通 一日に 三回 食べました。
Hiragana : ふつう いちにちに さんかい たべました。
Romaji : Futsuu ichinichi ni sankai tabemashita.
Meaning : Normally, I usually ate three times in a da y.


So, using the above pattern where there is a counter suffix with a number as an additional information to the activity using a counter suffix of ‘kai’, answer the question. But the counter suffix can be different from one another. So, the following is the answer sheet of the problems or questions exist in  Chapter 11 Section B Part 6 in page 90 :

  1. Kanji :来月から 3か月 実習します。

    Hiragana :

    らいげつから 3かげつ じっしゅうします。

    Romaji :

    Raigetsu kara sanka getsu jisshuu shimasu.

    Meaning :

    Starting from next month, I will do (conduct) training for three months.

  2. Kanji :会社を 1週間 休みました。

    Hiragana :

    かいしゃを 1しゅうかん やすみました。

    Romaji :

    Kaisha wo isshuukan wo yasumimashita.

    Meaning :

    I had 1 week off from the office.

  3. Kanji :国で 日本語を 1年 勉強しました。

    Hiragana :

    くにで にほんごを いちねん べんきょうしました。

    Romaji :

    Kuni de Nihongo wo ichinen benkyoushimashita.

    Meaning :

    I studied Japanese language one year in (my) country.

  4. Kanji :名古屋に 三日 います。

    Hiragana :

    なごやに みっか います。

    Romaji :

    Nagoya ni mikka imasu.

    Meaning :

    I am at Nagoya for three days.


Basically, those are the possible answers for the questions sheets where it is available in Shin Nihongo no Kiso I Chapter 11 Section B Part 5 in page 90.


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