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This is an article where the focus is solving the problems available in the Shin Nihongo no Kiso I book. The problem available in Chapter 11 Section B Part 2 in page 89. The problem is asking the number of person available using an interrogative pronoun ‘nan nin’ or ‘how many person’. So, answer the question according to the number of the person is in the information given along with the question. There are specific format to ask this kind of question. The following is the grammar pattern for it :

Kanji :
Question : 名詞 何人 ですか
Answer : 数・数字「序寿司」 あります
Hiragana :
Question : めいし なんにん ですか
Answer : かず・すうし にん あります
Romaji :
Question : meishi ga nan nin desuka ?
Answer : kazu / sushi nin arimasu
Meaning :
Question : How many (person) available (exist)?
Answer : number [person] available (exist)


Example :

Kanji :

この 学校で 日本語の先生 は 何人 ですか?

…三人 あります。

Hiragana :

このがっこうでにほんごのせんせいは なんにん ありますか ?

…さんにん あります。

Romaji :

Kono gakkou de nihongo no sensei wa nan nin desuka ?

… sannin desu.

Meaning :

In this school, how many Japanese teacher ?

… 3 (three) (person).


The above example is asking how many pencils available. The counter for the object of pencil is ‘bon’ or ‘pon’ depends on the word attached to it before. That counter is for a long object such as pencil. So, using the above grammar pattern, the following is the answer sheet of the problems or questions exist in  Chapter 11 Section B Part 2 in page 89  :

1. Answer

Kanji :



Hiragana :



Romaji :

Kyoudai wa nan nin desuka ?.

… yonin desu.

Meaning :

How many siblings ?.

… 4 (four) (person).

2. Answer :

Kanji :

子供は 何人ですか。


Hiragana :

こどもは なんにんですか。


Romaji :

Kodomo wa nan nin desuka ?

… futari desu.

Meaning :

How many kids ? .

… 2 (two) (person).

3. Answer :

Kanji :

タイの 研修生は 何人ですか。


Hiragana :

タイの けんしゅうせいは なんにんですか。


Romaji :

Tai no kenshuusei wa nan nin desuka。

… hitori desu。

Meaning :

How many Thai’s trainee ?.

… 1 (one) (person).

4. Answer :

Kanji :

研修生は 全部で 何人ですか。


Hiragana :

けんしゅうせいは ぜんぶで なんにんですか。


Romaji :

Kenshuusei wa zenbu de nan nin desuka。

。。。jyuu nin desu。

Meaning :

How many trainees all of them ?.

… 10 (ten) (person).


Those are the possible answers for the questions sheets. In order to check for details, just see the question sheet in Shin Nihongo no Kiso I Chapter 11 Section B Part 2 in page 89.



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