Japanese Minna no Nihongo Answer Sheet Chapter 3 Practice C Part 5 Page 29

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Below are some questions which can be used for additional practice. Through the questions in chapter 3 page 29 on Minna no Nihongo book, we can practice by using demonstrative pronouns and also interrogative pronouns which has been exercised before. The book itself is used as a learning material for a beginner in order to study Japanese language. To see the problems, please buy the original Minna no Nihongo book.

1.    すみません。お手洗いは( )ですか。


Hiraganaすみません。おてあらいは(    )ですか。




Romaji:Sumimasen. Otearai wa (dochira) desuka.

                … Achira desu. 

Translation : Sorry. .., which way is the toilet ?

                           … That way.

どちら’s usage is an appropriate one as an answer to show the direction of the place which is being asked. It is

 suitable with the answer in the conversation あちら.

2.     ミラーさんは(    )ですか。


Hiragana: ミラーさんは(    )ですか。


Answer :  ミラーさんは(どこ)ですか。


Romaji: Miraasan wa (doko) desuka.

                 … Kaigishitsu desu.

Translation: Where is Miller ?

                          … Meeting room.

どこ is the suitable answer to give an information about someone whereabouts.

3.    カメラ売り場は(     )ですか。


Hiragana: カメラうりばは(     )ですか。


Answer :  かめらうりばは(どこ)ですか。


Romaji: Kamera uriba wa (doko) desuka.

                 … 5 kai.

Translation: Where is the place which sells camera ?

                           …Fifth floor.

どこ’s usage in the question is a correct answer to give the information about a place whereabouts.

4.    お国は(     )ですか。


おくには (     )ですか。


Answer :  おくには(どちら)ですか。


Romaji: Okuni wa (dochira) desuka.

                  … Amerika.

Translation :From what country (are you)?

                          … Amerika.

どちら’s usage in the question as answer is needed to ask about a person’s originate country.

5.     会社は(    )ですか。

。。。MT desu.

Hiragana:かいしゃは(    )ですか。


Answer   :かいしゃは(どちら)ですか。


Romaji Kaisha wa (dochira) desuka.

                     … MT desu.

TranslationDari perusahaan mana?

                             … MT.

どちら’ usage in this question is an answer to ask the about someone’s company where he or she works.

6.     MTは (   )の 会社ですか。

。。。たばこの 会社です。

Hiragana MTは (    )のかいしゃですか。

          。。。たばこの かいしゃです。

AnswerMTは (なん)のかいしゃですか。

        。。。たばこの かいしゃです。

RomajiMT wa (nan) no kaisha desuka.

                    … Tabako no kaisha desu.

JawabanWhat kind of company is MT ?

                       … Cigarette company.

 なんusage in this question if it is combined with  will become a question to ask for further information about what kind of company is the company that being asked.

7.     これは(   )のワインですか。

。。。イタリアの ワインです。

Hiraganaこれは (   )のワインですか。

。。。イタリアの ワインです。

Answerこれは (どこ)のワインですか。

         。。。イタリアの ワインです。

RomajiKore wa (doko) no wain desuka.

                   … Itaria no wain desu.

TranslationWhere does this wine made ?

                                               … Italian’s Wine.

どこ’s usage as the proper answer in order to ask additional answer about where did the wine has been made by combining by.

8.    この ワインは(    )ですか。


Hiragana:この ワインは (    )ですか。


Answer:この ワインは (いくら)ですか。


RomajiKono wain wa (ikura) desuka.

                   … 2800 en desu.

TranslationWine ini berapa harganya ?

                             … 2800 yen.

いくら’s usage is appropriate for an answer, becauseいくらis being used to ask price of an item.

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