Japanese Minna no Nihongo Answer Sheet Chapter 3 Practice B Part 6 Page 26

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This is the usage of the interrogative pronoun どちらwhich can be used in order to make a question form. This time it is used to ask about an information whether it is a company, university or other activity places of the person which is being asked. Through chapter 3 on page 26 in Minna no Nihongo book we are given the question and also name of the country where the person came from. The book itself is used as a learning material for a beginner in order to study Japanese language. To see the problems, please buy the original Minna no Nihongo book.

Format :

Aさんの 「かいしゃ・だいがく」は どちらですか

Answer :

B です.

Where A is the person which is being asked about where is the place of activity and B is the name of the company, education institution or the place where A is doing the daily activity.

1.  サントスさんの 会社は どちらですか。


Hiragana :

サントスさんの かいしゃは どちらですか。


Romaji :

Santosu-san no kaisha wa dochira desuka.

Burajiru Eaa desu.

Meaning :

Which is Santos’s company?.

Brazil Air Flight Company.

2.  ワットさんの 大学は どちらですか。


Hiragana :

ワットさんの だいがくは どちらですか。


Romaji :

Watto-san no daigaku wa dochira desuka.

Sakura daigaku desu.

Meaning :

Which is Watt’s University ?.

Sakura University

3.  シュミットさんの かいしゃは どちらですか。


Hiragana :

シュミットさんの かいしゃは どちらですか。


Romaji :

Shumitto-san no kaisha wa dochira desuka?.

Pawaa denki.

Meaning :

Which is Schmitt’s company ?

Electric Power Company.

4.  カリナさんの 大学は どちらですか。


Hiragana :

カリナさんの だいがくは どちらですか。


Romaji :

Karina-san no daigaku wa dochira desuka.

Fuji daigaku desu.

Meaning :

Which is Karina’s university ?.

Fuji University.

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